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Oct 18, 2011
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Take Your Choice
A diverse group of events spread Mustang Week out on Thursday
By Steve Turner

As Mustang Week reaches its midpoint, the options are many. Many people choose to relax or get their cars ready for the big Friday show, but there were numerous event options too. From the SVTOA breakfast in the morning to a second day of autocrossing and fun runs at the Speedway, you could easily find something to enjoy.

We started the day off at the first annual SVTOA Breakfast at the Beach, which was open to club members as well as their family and friends. The club picked up the tab for members to enjoy the delicious breakfast buffet and it gave our own SID297 a chance to chat with members about some upcoming plans for events and other club benefits.

After a hearty breakfast, we stopped in on the Myrtle Beach Mall to see some of the initial car show setup underway. Ford Performance had already staked out its spot up front and Pro Dyno was busy out back testing plenty of high-powered Mustangs. There was also a bit of an informal cruise-in going on, while other folks opted to trek out to Darlington for drag night.

Meanwhile, Mustang Week organizers added a second day of autocrossing and fun runs at the speedway. Apparently people didn’t realize it was going on or they were off to other events, as the crowds were much more manageable on the second day. For those that were there, the lines were short for both events, which meant for plenty of laps.

Today the big day has arrived. It’s time for the official Mustang Week car show at the Myrtle Beach Mall. Don’t miss checking out the over 600 registered cars being judged and the opportunity to visit with numerous vendors displaying at the show. Speaking of displays, be sure to stop by the SVTP trailer to pick up your wristbands for the Ready to Rock Night Party tonight at the House of Blues. Also, if you swing by at lunchtime you can make donation to charity and enjoy some pizza from Mellow Mushroom.


SVTOA members who attended the first-annual Breakfast at the Beach were able to chat with our own SID297 to learn where the club is headed while enjoying a tasty breakfast at the House of Blues.


Ford Performance was already on hand getting ready to show off its lineup of performance parts and a couple of beautiful Mustangs


Former Mustang Club of America president Steve McCarley keeps stoking the pony car flame by showing students the fast line around the autocross or road course in his personal Mustang GT.


The driver of this modded six-cylinder ’Stang took full advantage of the oval track and autocross during both days at the speedway.


While the events are obviously geared toward Mustangs, it’s always nice to see a few other Ford Performance rides—like this Focus ST—getting a good workout.

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