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Need cam advice for 5.8 build

Discussion in 'SVT Shelby GT500' started by Klaus, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Klaus

    Klaus Well-Known Member Established Member

    Jan 18, 2018
    About to get started on build. Will be a 5.4 punched out to 5.8. Still need to figure out compression but will either be stock 8.4:1 or 9.1:1. Will be doing mild head work, nothing major. Timing gear is being replaced with all the goodies and smaller terminator pulleys. Blower is a KB 3.6. Have not decided on fuel, may tune for pump plus torco, may tune for e85. Application will be street/strip. Not a DD so does not have to be super mild mannered but do want to enjoy driving it. I am doing it right with springs, retainers, etc. so NSR need not apply.

    @Catmonkey is a genius on this subject and recommended crower stage 2. Any other suggestions? What are other good options? What specs should I be looking at?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. 4VandHemiKiller

    4VandHemiKiller Member Established Member

    Dec 7, 2006
    Crower Stage 2? As in Crower 62822-4? The only reason I would consider that grind is if drivability (a smooth idle) is the primary concern.
    Crower's shelf grinds in general leave a lot to be desired.

    With valve-springs and an upgraded chain drive take advantage of those GT heads and the extra valve spring install height they afford.
    .500" - .525" valve lift is a good place to be with GT heads below 8000-8500 rpm, as .525" is the most lift allowable with existing 4V cam cores without reducing camshaft base circle, it also provides better valve train stability and camshaft balance than the larger .550"+ lift grinds that seem to have become prevalent among the GT500 crowd.

    Duration and installed center-lines would depend primarily on your personal criteria for drivability, usage and how hard you're going to spin that 3.6. If you intend to spin that 3.6 slowly (16,000 rpm or less by shift point/redline) resist the urge to go with a longer duration grind.

    Now with that said, I would still go much larger than 206 degrees @ .050 like the Crower 62822-4. If running e85 I would ALSO entertain compression ratios much higher than 9:1.
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