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Mar 7, 2004
Well have finally got our hands on the new 05 STEEDA CAI Kit. and they were gone!

I.. heard.. today hmmm hmmm the New KB is coming! for the 05!
Soon......based on a 2.2 and a Nasty 2.4L option.

Predator is coming SOON! can't wait! not used to the SCT.

CDC is releasing the taillights etc first and a production run is starting on the C Pillar Scoops and Rear Spoiler.. nothing till late Feb.

Wheel options are Endless because of the common offset. 19's so far seem to Look the Best on Steeda Sport Springs.

I'm sure Roush and Saleen will not release anything for some time!

Anybody running the JBA's yet?
Heard Bassani, Magnaflow /magnapacks not the JBA's! hard to tell on a clip.

Here is a Sound clip from SHM

What do you think?
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