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New Tune for MY 2013

Discussion in '2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustang' started by Twisted99, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Twisted99

    Twisted99 New Member Established Member

    Dec 14, 2000
    Fairhope, Ala. USA
    Picked up a live Wire tuner yesterday and loaded it today on the silver key. I took out the the side pipe plates the first day. Love the sound.
    It is addictive.
    I find myself not playing the stereo and rolling down at least one window. Any way the tune eliminated the speed limiter and raised the the Rev limiter to 8200 and 7950 soft. It feels like it is still pulling hard all the way up. Tweaked the AFR to the leaner side. Overall a good start. Johnson Motor Sport is building me a 125 shot of nitrous. Should have it on first of next week. Will post dyno pulls.
    Just something to play around with till after the first of the year when I"ll added a Powerdyne or Paxton Centrifugal. Will shoot for abou 650 rwhp.
    My thought here is Buy the Best Mustang ever built and put say 12 grand in it and still save money over the GT500's every one is marking up ten grand. Plus out run them.....I paid invoice for mine.

    My Boss is white. Changing out the speakers installing a sub and amps this week end, JL equipment. Gonna try and run with the factory head unit as the functions are what I need. If the sound quality is not there will go with a double din. Sirius also. Thinking about a Valentine One as well....Since my driving record is at risk again.

    I was out on my private track last nite....The Boss Was @ 5000 RPM and 160 mph when I shut it down. Wicked fun..Handles like a dream as they say.

    Starting a build up of of My lightning as it is getting a bit tired with 225000 miles on the clock. Good info hear. Thanks

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