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New Upgraded Killer Chiller for 03-04 Cobra!

Discussion in 'Lethal Performance' started by black03, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. black03

    black03 Authorized Vendor Authorized Vendor

    Jul 4, 2002
    Just wanted to pass along the info that we're now offering a newer upgraded version of the Killer Chiller for the 03-04 Cobra. This is a "plug and play kit" just like the Killer Chiller base Lightning kit, but with a slightly bigger core assembly. The upgrade will also have a -10an return line for less head pressure, which means an increase in thermal capacity and overall cooling efficiency.

    Kincaid 03-04 Mustang Cobra Killer Chiller (Upgraded Kit) [KC-0304COBRAUPGRADED] : Lethal Performance, Performance parts for Ford Mustangs


    This upgraded kit for the terminator will require no cutting of the factory
    A/C lines, and will improve overall performance of both the KC and A/C

    Here's a little more info about the Killer Chiller and how it works for those that are interested.

    Using the AC, doesn’t it drag the motor down?
    AC technology has come a long way, and is much more efficient. Most AC systems draw no more than 7-8 HP when in operation. When you’re talking about 400+ HP vehicles, you will be hard pressed to notice this deficit. When you go into boost, the low side pressure will drop, and cut the AC compressor off anyway, so there will be no parasitic loss under full throttle.

    What are the benefits of running a KC system on my vehicle?
    The KC system will lower your IC temps a minimum of 50-55 degrees F, this will substantially lower your air charge temps, prevent power fade, and timing retard, not to mention help protect your supercharged engine from detonation!

    Does this only work for the street?
    Absolutely not! We have people who are using the KC on their vehicles for open track as well as the quarter mile strip, with great success I might add!

    How hard is the KC system to install?
    The KC comes with everything you need for a complete installation, however you will need to have your refrigerant recovered by an AC shop, afterwards you can do the install yourself if you are comfortable with using regular hand tools, then you will need to go back and have them add the refrigerant back to your AC system. If you are good with tools, figure 3-4 hours, otherwise plan an 8 hour day.

    Will this decrease the life expectancy of my AC system?
    No. The KC is ran in series right after the orifice tube, which means it’s not on a separate loop ( or in parallel), the refrigerant is still run through the stock accumulator/receiver drier, before cycling back into the compressor. If you have a vehicle that uses an expansion valve, than your kit will have an extra drier, as well as an accumulator. We have been running this system for many years now with zero problems.

    Will this system effect my in cab temperatures?

    You will see about an average of 5-7 degrees increase in the in cab temps under optimum conditions, but you can also adjust the refrigerant level to have more cooling in the cab, and less in the KC, by the same token you can adjust your refrigerant levels to see more cooling in the KC , and less in the cab.

    How does the Electric KC systems work?
    The all electric KC system employs high powered Thermoelectric modules, which moves heat from one side of the module (the cold side) to the other side of the module which is connected to a heat sink (the hot side). This basically pumps the heat out of the intercooler into the heat sink, which in turn dissipates the heat to atmosphere.
    These systems are great for low boost applications, as well as fuel cooling.

    How much power will the Electric KC systems draw?

    These systems typically draw 40 to 60 amps depending on which system you choose, and require an alternator upgrade. Alternator upgrade not required for AC driven KC systems.

    Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

    Thanks, Jared
  2. evil04svtcobra

    evil04svtcobra Active Member Established Member

    Jan 18, 2008
    Madison, WI
    jared the killer chiller is designed for the stock heat exchanger... true or false???

    can it work well with a aftermarket H/E?
  3. TwinTurbo4vGT

    TwinTurbo4vGT Slowest GT alive :) Established Member

    Jan 31, 2007
    Staten Island, NY
    its designed for a stock H/E. its pointless upgrading the heat exchanger, their useless by themselves anyway. You actually get better cooling using the stock H/E than you do with an Aftermarket one

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