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PA: 1994 RX7 single turbo 450whp

Discussion in 'Other Vehicles Buy/Sell' started by project06tj, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. project06tj

    project06tj New Member Established Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    Erie, PA
    Year: 1994
    Make: Mazda
    Model: RX-7
    Price: $9,500 or TRADE
    Mileage: 124,000 on body, 15,000 on motor, 5,000 on turbo
    Color: Primer

    I've decided to sell my baby. I've owned this car since May of this year, when I purchased it off of a forum member, and I won't give out his name, but he was not completely truthful about the vehicle. It is in the condition it is now due to him; I have never hit anything with it, never drifted it, I doubt I've even put 1,000 miles on it.

    Heres a little background on it:
    Purchased the car in May from just outside Harrisburg, PA.

    Drove it home, and not even 5 miles from home the motor failed. Snapped E-shaft.

    Found a cheap replacement motor, 28,000 original miles, swapped it in with a new transmission, and not even 500 miles later that motor failed as well. Coolant seal.

    Just recently I purchased a used motor and turbo setup from a member of the rx7club.

    I have completed the swap, but there are some underlying issues with the car as it sits, and I just don't have the patience, the want, the money, or the time to do anything with it.

    Quick spec list:
    BDC Half-Bridge Port 13B REW
    Mild Exhaust Ports
    2mm OEM mazda apex seals
    HD Pineapple Racing Water Seals
    All brand new seals
    Brand new housings w/ low mileage rotors
    New rotor bearings
    Gotham Oil Pan Brace
    Polyurethane Engine Mounts
    Fully Balanced Rotating Assembly by Mazdatrix
    Spec Stage 3 6puck clutch with SR motorsports 9lb flywheel
    Runs Evans waterless coolant
    A-Spec Borg Warner S362 Turbo Kit
    Divided T4 Manifold
    Tial 44mm Wastegate with 1bar spring
    Borg Warner S362 T4 w/ divided .82 a/r exhaust
    3" downpipe to 3" mandrel bent piping all the way to 3" Apexi GT spec (catless, although I can include a cat, and plenty of other spare parts with the sale)
    Greddy elbow, knock off Greddy type RS
    Brand new Pettit Coolcharge III SMIC intercooler (not even one mile on it)
    HKS Twin Power
    Walbro 255
    Apexi PFC, Commander (Gotham holder) and Datalogit
    B&M Short shifter
    Fludyne Radiator
    New fuel filter ( less than 1,000 miles)
    Tein coilovers (basics)

    I have well over $7,000 in the engine and turbo setup alone.

    The good:
    It runs, and drives. Engine sounds good, and when I got it tuned I was told it was a very healthy motor.
    Previous owner made around 450WHP at 1bar (I never got the chance to dyno it)
    Perfect project car, that could save you thousands in the long run (my loss is your gain)
    This is a very fair price for what you are getting, it makes me sick to think of the money I will be losing selling the car at this price.
    Clean title

    Oil pan appears to be leaking, or oil was just puddled up on the subframe from resealing the oil pan. very minuscule leak if one at all, car sat for two weeks and the dipstick still reads full.
    Needs alignment
    Needs a good tune (it idles too high for my likings)
    There is some ignition break up above 6500 RPM; its got me stumped.
    I believe one of the U-joints has gone bad in the driveshaft.

    None of these are a HUGE issue, I'm just tired of working on this car, and I've ran out of funding.

    Its in pretty rough shape. The previous owner really did a number on her. Passengers side quarter panel is pretty rough. I do have a replacement panel and inner rocker I will include with the sale. At a reputable local body shop i was quoted $4400 for all of the body work and a full paint job.

    Pictures (taken today)
    (My camera is not the best)




    more pics:

    Pictures by gibrian92 - Photobucket

    walk around:
    rx.mp4 video by gibrian92 - Photobucket

    I need this car gone before I leave for the airforce, so make me an offer. I am very open to trades, as long as the car needs nothing, not new tires, not new brakes, nothing. Car must be able to be daily driven AS-IS!

    I am willing to give someone a VERY good deal if they have something to trade.
  2. homie3186

    homie3186 New Member Established Member

    Aug 14, 2007
    Raleigh NC
    what a waste of what was once a nice car. and where is the air filter are you tryin to go threw another motor and a turbo
  3. project06tj

    project06tj New Member Established Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    Erie, PA
    I bought it in this exact condition, if you don't believe me I'll pull up the archived for sale thread. Its hard to kill a motor by not running an air filter when you don't drive the car.

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