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Part 3: Saleen Series VI 05-09 Supercharger Kit PLUS TONS of Extras

Discussion in 'Engine/Drivetrain' started by 08Eleanor, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. 08Eleanor

    08Eleanor New Member Established Member

    Jun 30, 2012
    Los Angeles
    Hey everyone, so I am going to swap the Saleen blower for the KB 2.6 as I'd like a bit more than 15psi now that I've got a built 302.

    So, I am hereby selling my Saleen Series VI Supercharger kit. This kit started out as the 475+ HP Intercooled Kit that I purchased on here from another member in the end of 09. He stated that the blower had only 6k miles on the setup.

    I have had it on my car for 17k miles, HOWEVER, I just had it completely rebuilt and refreshed by Jason at 281 Motorsports. I know that it was probably a bit of a waste of money to spend $1k+ on getting the blower serviced and getting new plugs, it was important to me as the blower was low mileage, but is over 4 years old.

    Since I had the blower rebuilt, it has only been driven less than 1k miles. All internal and external seals were redone, which is a lengthy and difficult process according to Jason, fresh XL-4 oil was put in, and every single part of the blower was checked to make sure it is in great shape, and if not Jason would replace it, but he didn't have to do anything major to this blower.

    Thus, the blower can be considered like new, as it has been refreshed as good as it was when it came out of the factory, and driven less than 1k miles since then. I have only driven the car maybe 5 miles with the 2.75" pulley that is on the blower now, which is rated for 15psi. Not all Saleen blowers can even fit the 2.75" pulley because Saleen started making them without the shaved snout to accommodate that small of a pulley, but this one can.

    I am even willing to swap my extended alternator harness with the buyer of the blower if they have their stock harness. Instead of splicing extensions into the stock harness we can just swap which might make it easier for the buyer of the blower.

    Feel free to call/text me too 310-897-819nine. All parts located in Los Angeles, CA and I am willing to drive a bit to meet up in socal.

    I might have forgotten something on here...

    Onto the list:

    - Saleen Series VI Supercharger Kit (includes alternator relocation bracket, Alternator pulley, coolant crossover, intake manifold gaskets, IAT relocation harness, water hoses w/ heater core piping)
    - JDM Vacuum Upgrade Kit
    - Steeda Heavy Duty Billet Belt Tensioner
    - Saleen Intercooler w/ Piping
    - Saleen Intercooler Pump w/ Required Relay and Piping
    - Saleen Intercooler Overflow Tank w/ Piping + Bonus special tool I made to bleed intercooler!
    - 4.0" Used (Stock 4-5psi), 3.2" New (9-10psi), 2.75" Pulleys
    - (8) Used HT0 Spark Plugs
    - New K0601066, K0601075 Gates Micro-V Belts
    - Used K0601090 Gates Micro-V Belt
    - 150MM Ford Racing Cold Air Intake w/ 90MM MAF Housing (Painted Wrinkle Black) w/ C&L Racer Intake Elbow (30k mi)
    - C&L Racer Intake w/ C&L Racer Intake Elbow (5k mi)
    - Original Saleen Installation Manual
    - Hardware needed for installation

    TOTAL: $3500 Shipped. Only other thing needed to run this on a BONE stock GT is 39 or 60 lb fuel injectors.

    - Optional: Stock GT TB Painted Wrinkle Black w/ Electronics (30k mi) - $25 w/ blower
    - Optional: Stock MAF Sensor (30k mi) - $15 w/ blower
    - Optional: Drivers side PCV Oil Catch Can (1k mi) - $45 w/ blower
















    MoSaleen Idler Pulley System
    - Crucial for increased boost, belt wrap-to help stop belt slippage, and overall performance. It has only 5 miles on it, so it's basically brand new. It is the System 1, for 2.75 to 3.20 pulley sizes. It can be swapped to the System 2, 3.40 to 3.60, by Scott at MoSaleen.

    Can come with either the spacers for any belt tensioner besides Thump rrr, or for the Thump rrr. The other set has to go back to Scott at MoSaleen. There are some water spots on the brace from coolant that I didn't clean off before taking the pic - $160 extra w/ blower or $240 separate.



    Thump RRR S197 Saleen Extension Arm
    - Bought a Thump belt tensioner and got this with it. It has already been filed down to ensure proper belt alignment with the Thump Racing belt tensioners. It does NOT include the belt tensioner.

    The S197 Saleen Gripper Plate is complete with a double bearing billet aluminum Idler pulley. The Gripper plate must be used in conjunction with the Thump RRR Racing Billet Tensioner. This may be used on either 6 or 8 rib setups. - $100 w/ blower or $175 separate.






    GT500 Throttle Body Adapter Plate w/ Broken GT500 TB
    - Bought this with the pictured GT500 tb, however when polishing it up, I broke the plastic screw on the drivers side that holds the idle gear in place. I tried to get a replacement from BBK but they wouldn't sell it.

    The passenger side TPS is broken as well, however the motor on the drivers side is still good.

    The adapter plate comes with the required rubber intake reducer to connect to standard intake tubes such as the one included w/ the blower and all hardware to install - $45 w/ blower or $70 separate.


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  2. 08Eleanor

    08Eleanor New Member Established Member

    Jun 30, 2012
    Los Angeles
    Cervinis C-Series Side Exhaust - Took these pipes and mufflers off in favor of a full 3" exhaust. These bolt right up to the stock H pipe with the included clamps. The tips will be dropshipped from 1BADHRSE. He also has a passenger side skirt for the side exhaust that I can include for an extra charge. The mufflers were cracked a little at the seams so I had the muffler shop weld them all up on both sides. This side exhaust kit sounds amazing! - $200 w/ blower or $275 separate.


    2010-13 GT500 SVT Suede/Leather Steering Wheel with Silver Stitching

    Ignore the clockspring and wire harnesses in pics they are not included. These are plug and play compatible with the 10-13 Mustangs, but not 05-09, however please read the following:

    I installed one on my 08 GT (will work in any 05-09 mustang) by splicing in my old cruise control harness from my old steering wheel (also for sale). I can provide instructions on how to do this (EDIT: SEE MY PREVIOUS POST: http://s197forum.com/forum/showpost....7&postcount=14). Furthermore, I wired the rest of the buttons for radio control onto the extra unused connector (WPT-440 is the harness used) on the 05-09 GT clockspring and connected that to a PAC SWI-PS to control my Pioneer nav. I had originally planned on using the 10-12 clockspring and wiring harness however the clockspring doesn't mount up to the 05-09 steering column, hence why I had to splice in the old harness...

    I can order as many as necessary at $235 shipped. Same goes for the Boss steering wheel which is full Alcantra no leather. PM me for details. I can also provide the two required WPT-440 harnesses to connect the audio control buttons to the clockspring for the wholesale price I get of $29.40 each (I know, what a rip off Ford!)


    Ford Mustang 05-09 GT Faux Gas Cap/Decklid Emblem

    Was on the car for approximately 5 miles, aka was removed at the dealer when I purchased the car in favor of the cobra logo one. In PERFECT condition with no scratches, just needs new adhesive.

    Asking $15 shipped.


    Stock 08 FoMoCo Spark Plugs - 15 of them

    No idea why I have 15 of them and not 16. All were both used about 5-10k miles, not fully 10k but I can't say for sure as its been two years since I put them in a box. 16mm HT thread. For 05-mid 07.

    Asking $20 shipped.


    AutoLite HT0 Spark Plugs - 8 of them

    Replaced my HT0s at 15k miles, these are the ones I pulled out. Nothing was wrong with them, I just pulled them as I had another set lying around. Comes in original box if that matters to anyone.

    My car is a 08 GT, not sure which this fits, the early 08 or later 08, maybe someone can help me figure out. For 16mm HT thread 05-mid 07.

    Asking $20 shipped.


    Misc Pulleys - Asking $15 shipped for each.

    60mm Metal Pulley - not sure what this came off lol, says it was made in Germany on the back.
    90mm Plastic Idler Pulley - ribbed, slightly used.
    76mm Plastic Idler Pulley - smooth, slightly used.


    Stock 08 GT Clutch/Flywheel/Pressure Plate

    Flywheel will need resurfacing, but I have not had issues with it slipping. 15k mi w/out FI and 17k w/ FI for a total of 32k miles on the setup. I can sell it all together, clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, or part out.

    Asking $90 shipped for the lot, PM about individual prices.
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  3. lenko

    lenko New Member Established Member

    Apr 22, 2012
    Saleen S/C

    Is the Supercharger still for sale?
    Email [email protected].


    Len K.

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