Parting out 03 twin turbo Gt


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Feb 26, 2007
Baton Rouge
Long story short the guy I sold my mustang to wrecked it. I bought it back and am disassembling it. I will update this thread with more parts. If you need something don't be afraid to ask. This car is going to the crusher when I'm done.

This is the original For Sale thread -

Thread from when it was wrecked.

All prices are asking prices. I will add pictures.

Motor - Intake to Oil Pan $5500

Cryo Treated Cobra crank
Oliver Ibeam rods
JE Forged Pistons with upgraded wrist pin. "These are the same pistons they are using in 6 second cars"
Ported P.I. heads
Upgraded valves/springs
Trick Flow Valve Covers
Custom ground turbo cams
Vic jr intake
75mm tb and upper plenum
Deep Sump oil pan

Transmission "Everything"- $3500

$2700 Lentech 4r70w Street- Strip Terminator
-Full Auto Valvebody
-Stock Style Shifter for factory look
"This trans is no longer offered. It's stronger than the current Street Terminator, but offers lockup unlike the Strip Terminator."

$700 Triple disc Precision converter with Circle D Upgrades"

$350 Dss driveshaft

$70 Driveshaft Loop

Aem Water Methanol Kit with 1 Gallon Tank - Sold
All lines needed to run tank in trunk.

Glenns Performance 1000HP Fuel System - $1400

-Glenns Performance Sleeper Tank - 10an feed - 8an return
- 10an feed line and 8an return line.
-Dual Walbro GSL 392 pumps with 2 Billet Y blocks at rear to run pumps in parallel and another Y block at the firewall to split the feed for the fuel rails.
-Aeromotive Fuel Filter
-Aeromotive boost referencing fuel regulator. 1:1
- Fuel Rails with necessary feed lines
-All an fittings

This system supported over 780RWHP through an automatic with zero issues.

80lb injectors- Sold

Cleaned and flow matched by RC Engineering.

THP turbo Headers $300

2 Garrett 57mm T3/T4 turbos $400 each
Turbos are Jet Hot Coated and include Turbo Blankets

Built SRA - $400

GT500 carrier with Tru Trac posi
3.31 gears
Moser 31 Spline Axles

Black Interior -

Seats are sold

Door Panels and most of the interior trim is good.

Mach Sound System
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Oct 17, 2009
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Might be a far stretch but, is the 3rd brake light any good?

Also, pending the pedals I might take those as well. Brand?
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Feb 26, 2007
Baton Rouge
The car landed upside down on the trunk. The only thing left was the struts with chunks of fiberglass attached to them. Pedals are factory. I haven't started pulling the interior yet, but I'm getting some local interest in the seats. Shoot me an offer for the pedals.

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