Parting out my Saleen: blower, brakes, etc...

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May 15, 2003
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Well, after two months of people saying "I'll take it" I'm finally tired of dealing with the car and I'm ready to move on. I've got the green light from the wife to buy an M3 once the Saleen sells, so I'm just going to part the car out and be done with it.

It's time to part out the car, return it to mostly stock, and sell it cheap. I don't want to sell anything until the blower sells. Once I have money in-house for the blower, I'll part the rest of it out.

Without further adieu...

Saleen S197 Series VI blower. The blower has roughly 15-20k on it and will include everything that you'd need to install it on your car. (Minus anything I need to put a stock intake on the car to drive it.) That means blower,3.2 pulley, intercooler setup, etc... Local sale preferred for obvious reasons, but I will ship at the buyer's expense. $3800 OBO



Saleen Ultimate Air CAI setup: This is the 800+ HP capable bad boy.

Saleen 14" brake upgrade. One of the rotors, pads, and calipers has been used and has less than 2000 miles on it. I installed it and the passenger side developed a leak that leads me to believe the caliper was cracked. (A replacement seal didn't fix the leak.) I was so frustrated and annoyed I just left the driver side on the car.

Saleen sent me a replacement caliper for the passenger side and I never got around to installing it, so the complete passenger side is 100% brand new.

The kit comes with both properly functioning calipers, two slotted Saleen rotors, two stainless brake lines (these are for the front only) and all the brackets/bolts you need to install them. It will also include the extra caliper and an extra brand new pair of brake pads (for one side) in the event you want to run brand new pads on both sides when you install it and keep the ones with 2000 miles on it as extras. (personally, I'd keep the new ones as extras.)

I'll take $750 plus shipping for the complete setup. If you live in South Florida I'll even help you install them for free.

stock and this kit:


Here's the kit:





MGW Shifter: You know what it is, so no need to gush about how awesome it is. Knob not included. I'll take $250 plus shipping.


OEM Saleen Supercharged Hood. Functional heat extractor hood off an 06 S281 SC. I'm still undecided as to whether I'm going to sell the hood separately from the car, but if I do I'll take $600 for it.


OEM Saleen Forged 5 spoke wheels/tires: Tires are in great shape and the wheels are flawless. These wheels will save you roughly 40 pounds over the stock 7 spokes. I'll take $1500 plus your stock 7 spokes


JDM GT500 fuel pumps with less than 5000 miles on them:
Not much to explain here. Fuel pump assembly, dual FPDM's and wire harness all included. I'll take $750 OBO

There's really nothing for me to take a picture of with the pumps. :)

And finally, the rest of the car will be for sale again. If you want the car and any of the above parts left on it, take the price I'm asking for the car and add the price of the mod. If you want the entire car as is, I'll take 26500 for it.

2005 Saleen (#05-0528) S281 3-valve. It's 1 of 31 Mineral Gray as optioned, with black interior and 5 speed manual transmission and has the Supercharged Hood and Wing on it. The car's now got about 40500 miles on it and a fresh rear that was gone through under the remainder of an aftermarket warranty I bought. It's got a Pioneer AVIC Z1 touch-screen navigation unit and it's awesome. It's also got Steeda upper and lower control arms. It's also got some custom Mineral Gray painted interior parts along with all the standard Saleen stuff. I'm sure I'm missing some things, but this car won't disappoint anyone.

I'll take 23000 for the car OBO. Please don't ask me to sell you the car for 20000. While I'll entertain offers, I'm looking to sell it quickly, but I'm not desperate to sell it.

Even without the blower it's still a great driver, which is what I'll continue using it for.

This is the car with the old wheels on it.




Here's the car with the new wheels on it:


Please PM me for contact and payment information.

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