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Reconfiguring cooling system for supercharged hot rod

Discussion in 'Coyote Series Engines' started by doristhechicken, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. doristhechicken

    doristhechicken New Member

    Dec 13, 2017
    New Zealand
    Hi guys
    This seems to be the place to go for help with the coyote engine.
    I'm putting a edelbrock crate supercharged coyote into a factory five hot rod. This has a narrow engine bay and the alternator has to be relocated to a reverse mounted position out front.
    The engine has a big tensioner on the right side of the engine where I would be mounting the alternator on a NA coyote.

    The engineer at Edelbrock advised against using a suitable tensioner in the stock location (lower left near alternator), and suggested I move the thermostat housing and mount alternator there, so this is the route I am going.

    Refer attached pictures.

    I found adapters to eliminate the thermostat housing completely, however I do not want to do this and want to keep the recirculation Y-pipe configuration for various reasons (faster engine warm up and cabin heat for window defog). Basically I want to move this off the engine so I can mount an alternator where the radiator lower pipe would otherwise attach to the housing.

    I am thinking I could do this using a couple of these adapters, one bolted to the water pump outlet and the other to the backside of the housing with a length of hose between, and then lengthen the Y-pipe hose to the engine and join this up with the housing.

    Is this a good idea? Any reason this would not work?

    Anybody know of any parts that would make this easier?

    Front accessory drive as shipped, thermostat housing delete adapter in corner:


    Alternator positioning, thermostat housing removed. Alternator is sitting on frame rails.

    20171212_195941 (Medium).jpg

    Engine side of the thermostat housing, would put another delete adapter on here:

    20171213_174413 (Medium).jpg

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