Roush Level 1 Performance Pack for the 2.7L Bronco!! Available now at Lethal Performance!


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Authorized Vendor
Sep 14, 2020
Wellington, FL
Hey All!

Roush just released their Level 1 Performance Pack for the 2.7L Ford Bronco!

BRONCO roush perf pac.jpg

Essentially, this kit is Roush’s Cold Air Intake with their all new Calibration!

According to the dyno charts Roush released with the product, the kit adds 40 horsepower and 70 lb-ft of torque over the stock 2.7L EcoBoost at 3,250 RPM.


  • Improved Throttle response throughout the RPM range
  • Auto start/stop disabled through calibration
  • 3-year/36,000-mile limited ROUSH limited powertrain warranty included
  • Simple software installation with standard J2534 re-flash interface (not included) using the supplied ROUSH Diagnostic Tool (RDT) utility

Not approved for sale or installation in California or states that require an EO number.


Check out the Performance Pack and its contents here!

SHOP NOW | Roush Performance Pac Level 1 (2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L)

Feel free to let any one of us at Lethal Performance know if you have any questions or want to get something on order.

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