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Selling my Silver & Black 2010 Shelby GT500 - Houston, TX area

Discussion in 'Shelby GT500 Buy/Sell' started by mdoan, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. mdoan

    mdoan Active Member Established Member

    Jun 22, 2006
    Houston, TX
    It saddens me to have to sell my baby, but finances are what they are and other priorities have come up. Tastefully modified to around 620 RWHP without compromising ride quality or reliability. I just listed the car at cars.com, but I’d rather sell to someone here and the listing format is a bit limited so I'm adding information here as well. The car is in tip top shape, but please make sure to review all modifications/improvements and minor issues. A Carfax is included with the cars.com listing. In addition to the photos from the original listing and flickr album, I have plenty more available on request.. Asking $28,975; $20,000 invested. The car is in Baytown, TX (east side of Houston). If you have any questions at all, please shoot me a PM and I will follow up with more contact info. 64,848 miles.


    2010 Shelby GT500 - flickr photo album

    Here is the mod list & general information about the vehicle (also on cars.com). The listing limits text characters to only a couple paragraphs; this list is also at cars.com but a little harder to read since I had to take a screenshot and include with photos.


    --- ENGINE ---

    · $750 – Custom Dyno Tuned by Kinetik Motorsport / HP Tuners in NW Houston (Approx. 620 RWHP)
    · kinetikmotorsport.com
    · One of the best Shelby tuners in the country.
    · Full tune includes idle, partial throttle, and wide open throttle.
    · Tuned conservatively, well below limits of engine.

    · $5,000 – Ford Racing Whipple 2.9L Twin-Screw Supercharger kit
    · The only '07-'14 supercharger upgrade offered by Ford Performance.

    · $1,040 – Injector Dynamics ID-1050x Fuel Injectors
    · www.americanmuscle.com
    · Plenty of fuel for current modifications, with plenty of room to grow.
    · The best injector brand available for these cars, period.

    · $720 – VMP Performance 67mm Throttle Body
    · vmpperformance.com

    · $585 – VMP Performance Dual Fuel Pump Boosters
    · vmpperformance.com

    · $800 – Fore Innovations Billet Fuel Rails & Custom Fore FlexLP Fuel Crossover Setup
    · foreinnovations.com

    · $800 – Afco Intercooler Heat Exchanger w/ Dual Fans
    · americanmuscle.com

    · $350 – JLT Big Air Intake
    · jlttruecoldair.com

    · $340 – C&R / Revan Racing Coolant Reservoirs (radiator & intercooler)
    · lethalperformance.com
    · Lethal listing shows bare aluminum; car has black gloss powder-coat.

    · $300 – Shelby American Authentic Fluid Caps
    · Shelbystore.com

    · $150 – Bob’s Auto Sport Oil Catch Can – $150
    · Revanracing.com

    · $200 – Kinetik Motorsports “Crank Saver” Harmonic Balancer Bolt (incl. labor)
    · Kinetikmotorsport.com
    · Designed by Kinetik & manufactured by ARP.
    · Car has never seen near enough HP to justify this mod, but I replaced the balancer (with a new OEM unit) and prefer not to use the OEM Ford torque-to-yield bolt.

    · $130 – Gates “Green” Supercharger Serpentine Belt

    · $72 – NGK TR7-IX Iridium Spark Plugs gapped to 0.028”


    · $2,650 – McLeod RST Twin Disc Street Clutch w/ Ford OEM Slave Cylinder / Flywheel / Stainless Steel Hydraulic Line – Installed & broken-in by hand @ Kinetik Motorsport. 1,000 miles.
    · Mcleodracing.com - Clutch
    · Mcleodracing.com - SS hydraulic line
    · Installed & broken in by hand @ Kinetik Motorsport.
    · Meticulously broken-in. Zero chatter as a result.
    · Great pedal feel; smoother & easier than OEM
    · Break-in just completed. 1,000 miles on clutch.

    · $1,200 – OEM 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 Wheel Rims (19in Front x 20in Rear)
    · Professionally widened by previous owner. 100% factory look.
    · Widened to 11” Front & 11.5” Rear.

    · $320 – 2013-2014 Rear Brake Rotors w/ Blowfish Racing Caliper Brackets
    · Blowfishracing.com
    · Tascaparts.com

    · $255 – Ford Performance Differential Cover
    · PerformanceParts.Ford.com
    · OEM equipment installed on 2013-2014 Shelby GT500.
    · Cools differential & includes ports for future drain/fill.

    · $380 – BMR Upper Control Arm & Heavy Duty Upper Control Arm Mount (2011+ model)
    · BMRSuspension.com - Upper Control Arm
    · BMRSuspension.com - Upper Control Arm Mount
    · OEM Ford Upper Control Arm bushing was beginning to wear.
    · Substantial improvements over both OEM UCA and 2010 aftermarket UCA.
    · Compare to 2010 model offered by BMR.
    · Zero added NVH. Simply tightened up the rear end feel.

    · $250 – Bob’s Auto Sport Rear Lower Control Arms
    · Revanracing.com
    · Compare to BRM Billet Lower Control Arms.
    · Not as widely used as some models, but very high quality.

    --- INTERIOR ---

    · $4,000 – OEM Ford Recaro Seats (2012) w/ Brand New OEM Ford Recaro Leather Seat Skins (2014)
    · Extremely rare seat set! No longer manufactured.
    · Must come from an existing 2012+ Shelby GT500.
    · Brand new seat skins from a 2014 Shelby GT500 that were removed - when new - from a 2014 that was being converted to a Super Snake (Super Snakes get their own skins)

    · $230 – Full Weathertech “Floor Liner” Floormat Set (Front + Rear + Trunk Mat) & Windshield Protector
    · Weathertech.com - Front floormats, rear floormats, & trunk mat.
    · Weathertech.com - Sunshade (fits perfectly).


    · Airbag Light. AIRBAGS FULLY FUNCTIONAL. When swapping Recaro seats (2012), there is an occupancy sensor under the passenger seat that has to be changed out with a 2010 model and the light will go off. I simply don’t have the funds to replace, as noted in listing. Cheapest fix is roughly $200 for a salvage 2010 eBay seat (V6, GT is fine) & swap the sensor.

    · Left Front Fender Door Ding. The left front fender has a ding in it from some a**hole in a parking lot. I have not had it fixed yet. It is small but it is there. See listing photos.

    · Passenger side Fender Repair. Car was grazed by a passing vehicle while it was sitting in a parking lot. Very minor repair performed by Imperial Collision Specialist, one of the best repair facilities in the country, specializing in OEM quality super high performance car repairs (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc.). Original fenders - not replacements - were easily repaired in-place. Imperial is not cheap, so filing a claim was necessary at the time, but absolutely worth it. The quality of their work is amazing; 100% OEM restoration. If you have any concerns, please feel free to call me, do your own research on Imperial, or contact them yourself with the VIN for more info. I can also provide proof of work there.
    Home - Imperial Collision Specialist


    · OEM Ford Shelby GT500 Car Cover

    · OEM Intercooler & Radiator Reservoirs

    · OEM Fluid Caps
    (located underneath the upgraded Shelby caps)

    · OEM Supercharger (does not include OEM supercharger pulley, but a replacement can be found here (3.00”): MetcoMotorsports.com)

    · VMP Supercharger Pulley Removal/Re-installation Tool (only required if re-installing OEM supercharger/pulley; Whipple pullies are removable with allen wrench)

    · 2013-2014 Intercooler Pump, Wiring Harness, & Installation Bracket (I bought this a couple months ago and just couldn’t bring myself to install it in this TX heat. Brand new from Ford.)

    · SCT X4 Handheld Tuner / Code reader (included with sale but not currently used to tune car. $400 value. Sctflash.com)
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  2. 1Kona_Venom

    1Kona_Venom Premium Member Premium Member Established Member Party Liquor Posse

    Feb 19, 2010
    Savannah-ish, Ga
    Nicely done ad. GL with the sale
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  3. TP03

    TP03 Active Member Established Member

    Feb 18, 2016
    This is a lot of car for the money. GL with sale. Free bump
  4. Red98CobraStang

    Red98CobraStang Got Torque? Established Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    PM sent!!!
  5. SlickDos1

    SlickDos1 OneBad 5.0 Established Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    PCB, FL
  6. gimmie11s

    gimmie11s Don’t be an idiot Established Member

    Jun 1, 2004
    so cal
    Are you friggin serious, what a STEAL!! I would say GLWS, but you wont need any luck!

    Bad ass car and great mod list!!
  7. Red98CobraStang

    Red98CobraStang Got Torque? Established Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Haven't gotten a response. Must either be sold or have cold feet.
  8. mdoan

    mdoan Active Member Established Member

    Jun 22, 2006
    Houston, TX
    Very sorry Red98. It’s been a long couple weeks at work - turnaround 12 hour shifts for two weeks straight (nights), even for us engineers. Also just found out my cars.com alerts have been going to spam! I’m going back to days tomorrow. Believe it or not I’m usually very responsive, & now I have your # saved. Looking forward to chatting with you.

    Thanks everyone for the bumps and kind words. Seems like as soon as I got the car where I wanted it life had other plans! Would really love to see it go to someone here on the forums rather than the highest bidder on cars.com.

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