Shelby Kicker Powerstage subwoofer kit for 2011-2014 Coupe only


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Feb 12, 2015
Atlanta, GA
I've got a brand new in the box Shelby Kicker Sub kit. These things are nearly impossible to find these days as they have been long discontinued and the couple places I did see them available they are listed as asinine prices. (to the tune of over $2000 in some stores)
Perhaps they are worth that, but I don't see anyone being foolish enough to pay that. I'll let mine go for what I had in it, $750 plus shipping. It's brand new guys, in the box. I took the sub out just to check how hard it would be to go into the vert and put it back in the box. It is heavy, will not be cheap to ship. UPS has new rates that go from reasonable to absurd as soon as you hit 50 pounds so if it weighs that much, take shipping into consideration. (i'll try and get and post a weight) Forgive the crappy photo, it's the one in my car currently as the boxed one is in my storage spot. I also used a stock photo so you see it all.


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