Shell Spirax for your TrueTrac


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Aug 29, 2010
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Got a TrueTrac? If you have no patience for my deductions, here’s what you want right up front:
Shell Spirax HD 80W-90 or 85W-140 gear oil. True Value Online has it.

Let’s start with Eaton’s recommendation:

Scroll down to TrueTrac question #1. Note: No Synthetic and no friction modifier.

BJ at VMP has mentioned several times that Eaton (Detroit TrueTrac) uses Shell Spirax in its R&D. BJ uses it in his differential and he could only find it at True Value Online. I went there and the description says it’s synthetic. So began my quest for the truth.
First I went to Shell Product Catalog Portal:
Enter your language and select continue. Next page, enter United States and search for Spirax, and select Search. You now have a list of all Spirax products. Except for the first three products, they all have friction modifier, are synthetic, or for a different purpose altogether. The second and third are Heavy Duty automotive gear oil. (80W-90 & 85W-140) Bingo. Maybe it was once called Spirax S3AX gear oil. I’m not positive.

Now try to purchase it. True Value Online should be the easy choice, right?

But, but, the description says it’s fully synthetic. Well I dug around some more. I don’t really remember how I got there, but the product number for 85W-140 starts with 59212 and 80W-90 starts with 59210. Any following numbers distinguish packaging options. True Value Online lists the one quart part number as 5921212091. Their DESCRIPTION is WRONG! That’s the stuff you want. Before posting all this, I ordered some. I just got it. The bottle has the correct part number and no mention of synthetic. It says Spirax HD on the front. Bingo again.

Just to muddy things up a little, Pennzoil (now owned by Shell) seems to have it under the same part number, if some sites I saw have it represented correctly.

I hope this helps somebody.


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