Slick | Ford Bronco Raptor Gets Cilajet Ceramic Coating at Gorno Ford


Mar 27, 2003
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Slick | Ford Bronco Raptor Gets Cilajet Ceramic Coating at Gorno Ford


Nearly two months ago I posted a thread looking for advice on ceramic coating for my then soon-to-be-purchased Ford Bronco Raptor. The detailing gurus on SVTP gave solid advice, and I appreciated their input. However, I wasn’t looking for the typical car show level of ceramic shine. I just wanted bug guts and dirt to come off the BRaptor more easily. Since time was of the essence (I needed to drive 800 miles the next two days) and the price was reasonable ($1500) I decided to give the detailing crew at Gorno Ford a shot. I was not disappointed.

For those who like video, this one will show you a high speed version of the process.

They got the BRaptor in the wash bay early in the morning, and for the next few hours a crew of guys got to work on my new ride. They were super friendly and as you can see from above, invited me to film the process. They used ceramic products from the Cilajet line. This was not a quick process, and they took their time to make sure everything was properly applied. I was super happy to see the attention to detail they showed my new purchase.

The results are plain to see. The BRaptor has a beautiful deep looking shine, and the paint is slick to the touch. However, the best part to me is the easy clean-up I’m getting. I’ve washed the Bronco several times and it effortlessly comes clean. The road grime just falls off and I’ve yet to have to scrape off a splattered bug with my thumbnail. IMO, this has been money well spent. The coating was applied on 9/2/22 and I’ll shoot an update towards the end of the year to show how it’s holding up. So far, the paint still looks like it did the day it rolled out of Gorno Ford’s detailing center. That’s a testament to a decent product and professional work by Ryan and Robbie (who did the work). This is one purchase I’d definitely make again.

These pics tell the story of the application process:

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Feb 14, 2011
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did you buy it from them? was the price standard or discounted bc you purchased from them? im curious bc i ordered mine through them and might consider having them do the application before sending it to me depending if youre happy with still with the results. and any updates on how its holding up also, and the warranty that comes with it? thanks

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