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Spark Blowout Weak Coils?

Discussion in 'Tuning À la carte' started by 98cobra#1222, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. 98cobra#1222

    98cobra#1222 that's just my game Established Member

    Jul 12, 2011
    Greensburg, Indiana, United States
    Trying to diagnose spark blowout on my '98 cobra. The car is converted to COPs, which I know are not the best for high power cars but there are plenty running more boost/power with no blowout. Biggest question I have is how to test the coils, I bought them used and can't be sure how many miles are on them so perhaps they are weak. I've googled and searched how to test cobra coils but haven't found a concrete method to tell if they are good or on their way out. I'd love to just replace the coils and fix my issues but before dropping the cash on new coils I would like to be sure that's likely the culprit. Car's only able to run around 18lbs of boost and the TR6s are gapped down to 0.018".
  2. ClubVenom1

    ClubVenom1 On My Way To 8's Established Member

    Sep 26, 2006
    Southeast, Wi
    I had a bad set of NEW spark plugs NGK TR-6's and had no spark in one cylinder under full load/boost. Could try a new set of plugs. I run autolite copper AP103's now with no hiccups.

    As far as testing out coils you can ohm test them with a volt/ohm meter. If one is bad the ohm test will show it.... all the coils will be close to each other. If one is bad it will be off by a good margin.

    And I did do the ohm test on my COP's which checked out all good. Then found out it was a bad NEW plug. Go figure.

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