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Late Model Restoration’s new SVE wheels for classic and modern Mustangs
By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Late Model Restoration

When a new Mustang hits the street, it‘s pretty common for wheel envy to take hold. In fact, the most popular wheels chosen for Fox and later Mustangs have often been inspired by factory designs. From the Pony to the Cobra R to the Bullitt, replica versions of the factory wheel designs have often become popular upgrade options for Mustangs new and old.

That trend doesn’t look to change with the release of the Shelby GT350 and the crew at Late Model Restoration has already come to market with a 20-inch version of the GT350 wheel that fits 2005 through 2016 Mustangs.

“…The wheel just looks amazing on the GT350 and everything else we test fitted it on. We saw a ton of opportunity in offering the wheel to the 2005-2014 Mustangs as a way to blend the new with the old, and offer a great wheel at a great price point,” Tyler Rodriquez of Late Model Restoration explained. “We also wanted to open the options of a little larger wheel, offering the 20-inch version versus the original 19-inch. This not only gave us a slightly different look, but also opened up some more tire options as well.”

The resulting wheel is a flow-formed aluminum wheel that only weighs 26.4 pounds while allowing the fitment of wider tires. These wheels carry a lifetime structural warranty and will clear the optional factory Brembo brake packages. They are available for $249 each, in sets of four at $999 and as part of wheel and tire packages ranging from $1,549.99 to $1,699.99 a set.

For more on the GT350-style wheels, you can check out this video…


While the SVE GT350 wheels are cool, you may know, LMR got its start supplying restoration gear for Fox Mustangs, and that spirit lives on at the company. Its other new wheel is a larger-diameter version of the storied TRX wheel, which was optional on the early Foxes. These wheels required a difficult-to-obtain, metric tire from Michelin, so they were often swapped out in favor of other wheels simply to allow for easier sourcing of tires.

“As most of our customers know, we are Fox-body enthusiasts to the core. We saw the TRX wheel as a way to bring a classic back and also solve a very expensive problem for many people who have the original oddly sized TRX wheel,” Tyler said. “With the tire expense involved in restoring a set of originals and also the tire cost related to the odd size, this new 16x7-inch option opens a ton of doors to cheaper tires while still retaining the original classic TRX style.”

For more on these TRX-style wheels, you can watch this video…


The SVE TRX-style wheels are available individually, in sets (PN K-39067452; $649.99) and as part of a wheel and tire packages that range in price from $999 to $1,099. That makes these packages quite a bargain as finding tires for original 15.35x5.9-inch TRX wheels can cost upwards of $2,000.

So if you are looking upgrade the styling of your 2005-and-up Mustang or you are looking to restore an early Fox, LMR has you covered on both ends of the late-model spectrum.


If you want to fill the wheel wells of your 2005-2016 Mustang with GT350 style, Late Model Restoration’s new, 20-inch SVE GT350-style wheels are available in Gloss (PN SVE-166012; $249.99) and Graphite (PN SVE-166013; $249.99) finishes.


While the SVE GT350-style wheels are an obvious choice for the 2015+ Mustangs, they are also a stylish option for the S197 crowd. Shown here with Nitto triple fives (PN WTK-166012N; $1,949.99), they look great on the previous-generation Mustangs as well.


For fans of early ’80s Foxes looking to bring back the look of the factory’s top-shelf performance wheel option, LMR now offers the SVE TRX-style wheels (PN K-39067452; $649.99) in a 16x7-inch version that really opens up more affordable tire options.


It was hard enough to find tires for TRX wheels back in the day, but these days the OE fitments sell for over $500. Thanks to LMR, you can now affordably rock this look with its 16x7-inch SVE TRX-style wheels, which are available with and without tires.

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