SVTP Reviews True Forged's New Mustang Jacking Pad

True Forged’s new Jacking Pads are one of those “well duh” tools that everyone needs in their toolboxes. If you own an S-197 Mustang you know what a pain it can be to properly jack your car up without crushing the pinch weld seam (Ford’s recommended area from which to lift the car). True Forged owner Steve Medina saw the opportunity here to develop a product to make Mustang modder’s lives a little easier. After a few prototypes and a couple of revisions [email protected] has brought to market the True Forged Jacking Pad.

The True Forged Jacking Pad is hewn from a solid piece of billet aluminum and is Made in the USA. They basically cradle the unibody during a lift while placing the pinch weld seam safely in a machined slot. By locating the seam in this slot you greatly reduce the chances of it being damaged by the jack.

True Forged installs these decals on their Jacking Pads to remind you of their origin.


They are made from one solid piece of billet aluminum.


True Forged is currently running a Group Purchase here on SVTP for these jacking pads. For $50 (plus $5 shipping) you can avoid marring up the underside of your car with a fine American made product from a long time SVTP Vendor. I suggest buying a pair for use with a set of jack stands.

Here you can see the area that Ford specifies for jacking up the rear of an S-197 Mustang GT.


The True Forged Jacking Pad fits perfectly in this location.


We tried to use the jacking pads on this 2013 Boss 302 LS.


Unfortunately, this bolt for the side exhaust is in the way and prevents the pad from being used on this application.


However, it works perfectly on many other models.


Without this pad in place you would run the risk of damaging this pinch welded seam.


The True Forged Jacking Pad cradles the seam inside this slot and supports the body on both sides of the seam.


This way you can avoid unintended body damage.


Unlike this cheap Harbor Freight jack, the True Forged Jacking Pads are 100% made in the USA.


When placing an order with True Forged be sure to tell them that you're a member on SVTP.


According to True Forged these are the known applications for their jacking pads:

They DO fit:
  • ALL 99-04 Mustangs
  • Fox Mustangs
  • 2007-2010 GT500*05+ Mustang GT and V6 (yes, including 2013)
  • Ford Flex
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Contour (SVT with a riser)
  • 2010-2014 GT500
  • Focus and Focus ST
  • Boss (only fits up front. Exhaust in the way in the rear)

They do NOT fit:
  • Shelby GT350 (side skirts too tall)
  • Possibly 94-98 Mustang

Photos by StacyStangz and SID297

correct, for the most part.

currently we have two types. version 1.0 and version 2.0 lol.

version 1.0 fits the mustangs listed above but did not fit on 2011-2013 gt500s because ford decided to make the cut out smaller. so we revised the part to be smaller to fit those as well. currently i have a large stock of version 1.0, hence the GB for them. once that stock is depleted we will only be making version 2.0 since that works for the version 1.0 fitments AND 2011-2013 gt500s.

and i just found out tonight that version 2.0 fits the Focus ST as well. the cut out is a weird triangle shape but it does fit with a little wiggling
Trying out new billet jacking pads

Ordered version 2.0 today. Thanks! :thumbsup:
I paid via paypal for these and seller wont answer emails.

had to file a dispute with Paypal. tried 2 different emails and PMed him here NOTHING. BEWARE Steve Medina.
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had to file a dispute with Paypal. tried 2 different emails and PMed him here NOTHING. BEWARE Steve Medina.

i havent received any emails from you regarding this. not sure which emails you used. you just sent me a pm today. after filing the dispute and posting this in here.

i was not even aware that you had sent $ for a jacking pad. you just sent $ and expect to receive product? :shrug:

you only sent $55. apparently you followed the link on page 1 of this thread which takes you to the GB from 2013 which clearly states " While supplies last! GB ends on April 15th at midnight PST"

that would be April 15th at midnight.....2013.... not 2015 :poke:

just sent you a refund. now that i know about the payment

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