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Nov 30, 2015
Wellington Florida

Lethal Performance Tech Tips: N2MB WOT Box

The N2MB Wot Box has been a hot seller for some time now so it's only appropriate we discuss what it is, what it does & why you want it!

The N2MB Wot Box adds TWO features to just about any car (yep, it's universal!): 2-step launch control and no-lift shifting.


What does it mean?

Basically, the box will send a signal to the PCM to cut power to individual coils allowing you to hold the RPM you want to launch at, giving you a more consistent & clean launch. In boosted applications, this proves beneficial by allowing you to get into boost & have a more powerful launch.

How do I use the 2-step?

Once the WOT box is installed (click here for installation instructions) and you are lined up at the starting line, you'll want to first engage the clutch pedal in all the way. Then you'll engage the gas pedal all the way in (make sure not to just ease into it or the WOT box will not engage the signal). The engine will then rev up to your previously programmed desired RPM and will hold that RPM. When you're ready to launch, just release the clutch and away you go!


What does it mean?

Without the N2MB installed, the problem with no-lift shifting (also called power shifting) is when you depress the clutch the engine RPMs flare up and a brief amount of time is required for the transmission input shaft to slow down, potentially causing issues with longer shift time & also wear on the transmission. The N2MB box cuts the ignition for a very short period while you shift, allowing you to keep the pedal mashed to the floor. This lets the transmission syncros mesh easily and reduces not only wear & tear on the transmission but also makes the chance of missing a gear lower. Got a boosted car? It also allows you to hold your boost through the shift! In testing, some cars have dropped as much as 7 tenths off their ET just by using the N2MB no-lift shifting feature.

How do I use the no-lift shift feature?

Once you place your foot on the clutch pedal while in full throttle (NOTE: FULL THROTTLE), a signal is sent to the WOT box that a shift has been initiated. When the N2MB receives this signal it cuts the ignition for the amount of time you have specified in the programming (adjustable from 25 milliseconds to 700 milliseconds).

For complete instructions covering most vehicles, CLICK HERE.

Ready to order? CLICK HERE!

The N2MB sells for just $199 with FREE SHIPPING.

Have any questions? Give us a shout! or 877-2-LETHAL (561-753-8105)


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