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Termi/GT500 Conversion

Discussion in 'The Blower Bistro' started by TommyB, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. TommyB

    TommyB Member Established Member

    Oct 31, 2014
    Ottawa Ontario Canada
    As the title suggests I'm going F/I as opposed to the N/A build originally discussed in my previous thread.
    So, I purchased a Termi setup with an H122 GT500 take off from another forume site.
    For Sale 4.6 4V to 5.4 4V H122 kit
    My goal is not a max effort race car, but a streetable, fun car. My car is a Factory Five cobra replica. Wet weight is right aound 2200 lbs. The essentially stock 98 cobra motor was fun, but lacked low end punch.

    What I have already

    -98 Teksid block
    -Boss Rods
    -Speed pro forged pistons. (stock dish)
    -C heads, mild port job (gasket match) with 98 Cobra intake cams, cooling mod.
    -Red Monster COP Conversion

    -High Volume oil pump, Billet gears.
    -Composite windage tray
    -ARP head studs

    Here is the plan thus far..

    Stock Term intake, intercooler,Cobra Engineering H122 adapter plate, H122 GT 500 take off
    Stock Termi fuel rails, 39 lb injectors.
    Kenne Bell BAP
    Custom intercooler tank, rear mounted, heat exchangers (from snowmobile) to and from tank, with a suitable rad in front of car.
    Custom intake using accufab or bbk throttle body(anyone have one?) And adapter plate to blower snout.
    Stock mass airflow.. Suggestions here?
    My initial thoughts are to route the intake down in front of the engine to cool air, but that will be decided later.

    I want to use the 98 front cover as everthing is pretty much custom anyway. I will need some 8 rib pulleys, and specifically an 8 rib harmonic balancer.

    SCT tuner with custom tune

    Questions for now?

    What is a good balancer option?
    How do I deal with the return vs non return(termi) system.
    Cuurently have 5/16" fuel supply line. Will that be enough?

    A quick note about myself... I am a machinist/millwright/welder and love a challenge. Especially when it involves internal combustion!

    That is all I can think of for now. There will be MANY more questions as this project progresses.
    Thanks to all for your help and ideas.



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