The World according to Stampede! SVTP rule explanation.


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Apr 5, 2003
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SVTP Rules in Stampede's/laymans terms.

1. Be respectful, no flaming except in Smack down.

IE: SD is there for a reason, if you have issues with someone or a post take it there.
In all other sections flaming and/or name calling is not allowed.

Examples when someone post something you don't agree with,

I don't think that was the smartest thing to do IMO= Allowed

That was an idiotic thing to do= Borderline and will be based on context.

YOU ARE AN IDIOT!= No allowed and an infraction and post edit or delete will result.

2. Post should be constructive.

Roadside and pics and vids have been overrun with off topic and smart remarks, This is not acceptable.

Today a thread was made about grass (Yes your yard)
Several comments were made about being the wrong type of grass for them.

Those post were removed.
We do reserve the right to reset your post count if you continue to do it if it appears you are just trying to get your count up.

3. Corrections to other’s information should not be condescending in nature. This is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. You are expected to remain civil and express your thoughts in a mature manner.

This should be self explanatory.
This also includes things mentioned in #2 and also things like "REPOST"
There are over 120,000 members here. You can not expect every single one of them to spend as much time online as some so in no way can you expect them to see every post.
You can however expect them to search a bit on a hot topic but telling them to "USE THE SEARCH" also falls under this rule.
Context plays a part.

4. Threads are expected to be kept on the original topic.

IE: No thread jacking. There are times where a thread/post lead to something else. That should be kept to a minimum. If it sparks another topic or interest then start a new thread or take it to PMs.

5. Posting pornography (ANYTHING over PG13) is prohibited.

Some like to push the limits. Even in the GF thread. Also be aware of pics/vids you link from other sites. Several of those sites have links to non-PG-13 sites. If you are not careful don't hold us responsible for your infraction and 2 week vacation.

Pay attention for "Removed post" later on in the rules.

6. Discussion of illegal activities, including drugs, is prohibited.

This includes "Should we legalize Weed"
Yes street racing is illegal and we have a forum for it. We know this already. It was there from the beginning of the site and the owner decided to keep it. It is a car forum after all and although we don't condone it we know it may happen.
It has been questioned before and the answer is, That is the way it is.

7. Knowingly posting untrue information is prohibited and will result the immediate removal of your account.

IE: Don't lie! You will be caught by our in house detectives and will most likely be banned.

8. Non-Supporting vendors are not allowed to post about available products or services on the forums. These posts will be deleted and the posters account disabled.

The vendors keep the lights on so to speak. It is not fair for another business to post products/services when others pay to have the right to do so.

9. The SVTPerformance staff reserves the right to edit or delete any post/thread/etc we deem necessary.

That is correct and even though we all see things a little different at times it makes us a good staff.

With that said, on deleted post. If you post something and see it after then it is there. If you return and it is gone it didn't just disappear on its own. it was removed for a reason. This is not an invitation to post it again.
This happens way too often.
There are times when things are removed and we send a PM, there are other times when we don't.

10.If you disagree with the actions of the SVTPerformance Staff, express your concerns privately. We are always willing to listen, however, public bashing or criticism of the team will be deleted and possibly end in your banishment. If you comment in a thread on a PM or email sent to you by an SVTP staff member, without their permission, will result in an infraction or a ban.

One of my favorites, Some know what happens when you rant about the site/staff.
We will listen but do it privately. and a Bitch PM normally will not get you anywhere.
That infraction was bullshit and you know it= wrong way.
I understand why you gave me an infraction and I believe I did not deserve it because..........= Right way.

11. No spam in sigs or anywhere else on SVTP. This includes banners or links to unauthorized vendors or other forums.

Please don't promote your new mustang site here (Or any other type)
Along with that is board/forum wars or complaints. Believe it or not we don't want to hear about the crap staff at www.othersite,com. We know what they go through.
We also don't like to see other sites bashed. It just isn't appropriate.

12. Bringing old threads and polls back to the top is prohibited. The definition of “old” will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the SVTP staff. If you cannot reasonably infer what constitutes an “old thread” ask a moderator.

My rule of thumb is 2-3 months at the most. Everyone is different and also the section and/or topic plays a part.

13. Rude and/or profane language is strictly prohibited in all forums except Smack Down, as is bypassing the profanity filter. If you have a concern that something you want to post may be beyond the accepted limits ask a moderator.

That is correct, save your cursing for SD and even in there the filter works.
We have a filter in place for select words, use it. Just type your words normal and let the filter do its job.
Want to try it, send yourself a PM. (Yes you can do that)

14. Racial slurs are prohibited in all forums.

Yes even in a joking form. I will not post examples on this one.

15. Comments about the price or condition of an item for sale in The Market are prohibited so long as that information has been disclosed by the original poster. If you believe the price is too high express your concerns privately.

If you are not interested in buying then stay out. Telling them; "LOL good luck getting that price" will not fly. And yes you can PM them however why would you?
Is it really that important to you?

16. If you have been banned for any reason, even for one you believe to be incorrect, do not start another username. A ban is not an invitation to start a new account, and if the ban was temporary doing such could result in it being made permanent. If you have any questions or concerns about being banned or receiving infraction points privately contact the administrator/moderator that was responsible for the banning.

Our staff emails are at the bottom of the rules threads, you can email after being banned.
Pay attention later again on creating a 2nd username.

17. No one may post rude, obscene, lewd, and/or otherwise useless tags to any thread. Tags are not to be used for entertainment value. Tags are to only be used in a strictly informative manner for the purposes of future research and must contribute to the betterment of SVTP.

Come on guys, we are adults, act as such.

18. One SVTP username per member.

The number of people who try this is astonishing. You will be caught. Maybe not right away but it will happen.
The number of NEW members who join with 2 names will surprise you also. But they too will be caught. Trying to hide something? Posting as an alter ego?

I spend 45min or so daily going through all new members. I/we have become very proficient at this so you will get caught.

19. Infractions. We have a point system in place and a infraction system. It is really to remind you of the rules when you get one. It isn't the end of the world. It also allows us to see the repeat offenders as some of us moderate different sections and don't know who is causing trouble in other sections. Now we do.

Also, Keep in mind that you can only see YOUR OWN infractions and no one else's.
So the complaining PM we get after need not contain, "Why did I get an infraction but so and so didn't"
Odds are if you were in an exchange then he/she received one also.

And, no two posts are the same and all actions of SVTP staff are made specifically based on the unique facts of each thread/post. Please don't complain about receiving an infraction/warning and then suggesting another thread did the same thing and was left alone, but the details of the other thread was different.

20. New threads, New threads should be placed in the 1 best fitting section.

There is no need to post a thread in more than 1 section so pick the best fit.This includes For Sale threads in the market.
There may be times where a thread may be allowed in more than 1 or to be cross linked. IE: benifits for a good cause, huge meets, etc... Please get permission.

21. Vendor bashing,
We understand problems arise from or with vendors. We do want to know when this happens but there is a correct way and a wrong way to handle it.

Vendor issues should NOT be posted in SD. this does no one any good.

When posting about a vendor issue please stick to the facts of what happened and how it happened. They are like other members in the name calling dept.

I bought this from Joe Blow racing and it sucks. Then the shipping took 2 weeks when he said 10-14 days! I called him and let him know what I though of him and his crap. He got defensive and told me to ship it back. = Wrong way

I bought this from Joe Blow racing and here is what happened.
I'm not as pleased with the quality as I thought I would be. I've spoken to them about it and He said he would refund me if I was not satisfied with it.
I also let him know that even though he said 10-14 days shipping I didn't expect it to take the full 14 days. = more correct way to handle it.

Wording is everything.
Remember, it isn't so much what you say but how you say it!

Snake Pliskin

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Apr 7, 2005
Thank you. It would be nice to see the moderation on SVTP return to the form of 4-6 years ago. I think that was one of the reasons its been here for so long. Like to see trolling reduced again as well.


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Thank you Barry, and all the other mods/admins, for your dedication and leadership here on SVTPerformance. We don't say "thanks" nearly enough. Keep up the awesome work! :)


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Apr 5, 2003
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Seems like it gets less exposure as a sticky.

Maybe that is why the official rules thread doesn't get read.

Been up there 4 years and only has 9700 views?
With 120,000+ members!

Jack Burton

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Nov 27, 2007
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Seems like it gets less exposure as a sticky.

Maybe that is why the official rules thread doesn't get read.

Been up there 4 years and only has 9700 views?
With 120,000+ members!

I think there is going to be a lot of entertainment value from the trolls and noobs getting all butthurt from the rules.


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Please remember that all of the Rules and Guidelines are open to individual moderator/admin interpretation. So, before you complain about Mod/Admin action or inaction you should PM the mod/admin as each situation is fact dependent.

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