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Apr 29, 2001
Keep in mind this is NOT to be considered legal advice. This is only a collection of ideas employed by others that have posted here. This is in NO way to be considered a legal opinion, if you need legal advice you should contact legal counsel immediately.

First off, the best policy is always DON'T SPEED!! Save it for the track! If you don't have a reason to get pulled over likely you won't. No burnouts, chirpin the gears, street racing or any other attention grabbing stuff. Of course there are always exceptions, and yes there bad apples out there, but 99% of cops are good guys. Always keep in mind that even though you think you "got pulled over for no reason" there could be a hundred reasons that the officer stops you for some seemingly minor infraction, that are not apparent to you, and probably won't be made apparent. It’s always possible there was a crime nearby committed, and the vehicle involved matches the description of yours, or the person involved matches your description. Just because YOU know that your car is the only one in the area with such and such wheels, body kit, paint etc. doesn't mean THEY do. Usually they only get a description of a "so and so colored Mustang" or something like that because remember that not all people are car enthusiasts. A Vibrant Red, Rio Red, or Laser Red Cobra is just a red mustang to the uninformed, IF they even know it's a Mustang. It might be just some red car with a loud exhaust. (No red cars are NOT targeted more than others BTW)

But you must also keep in mind that officers that have been on the job for a little while KNOW their area, and know which cars belong there and which don't. If you are driving through a bad neighborhood in a '04 Cobra or something with a lotta "bling" then HELL YEAH a cop is going to be suspicious if he knows his area, and KNOWS no one around there can afford that kind of car. Nine times out of ten, (not all times) it's someone there for the wrong reasons i.e. score some drugs, a hooker, etc. On the same token if you are driving an old beater full of rust holes etc. in a well to do neighborhood where they usually don't see those kinds of cars they will be suspicious of it. It might be delivering drugs, casing a house, etc. Yes it's profiling, but sometimes it's the only way to PREVENT a crime instead of being called after the fact, and isn't that what everyone whats? Crime stopped before it happens instead of calling the police AFTER the fact and complaining about the job they do?

After recieving a citation
As for after recieving a ticket, what has seemed to work out best in most cases is to go to court and try to have charges reduced. If it is a points violation, people seem to have the most success at getting the violation reduced to a fine without points. If it is a non points violation, some times people have gotten the fine reduced. This is ultimately determined by the judge/magistrate etc. who presides over the case so nothing is a given/guaranteed. If the information on citation is wrong it is NOT guaranteed to make the ticket "beatable." The officer can amend the information at the hearing to correct it.

If you have questions regarding a law particular to a certain state, you can PM one of the users below, who are involved in Law Enforcement in the state listed next to their username.

NAME__________________________ AGENCY/DEPT
FordSVTFan_____________________ Federal/Florida
jsp03svt _______________________Florida
Dead Eye______________________Louisiana
Outlaw99______________________North Carolina
mvcrash_______________________New Jersey
CSD__________________________New Jersey
ArmedCobra____________________New York
Trooper4985___________________New York
wpd736_______________________Rhode Island
BLOWN99LTN__________________South Carolina
Iceman II______________________Texas
Cop I Am______________________Virginia
Keep in mind this is NOT to be considered legal advice. This is only a collection of ideas employed by others that have posted here. This is in NO way to be considered a legal opinion, if you need legal advice you should contact legal counsel immediately.
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