TopLift Pro Makes Pulling the BRaptor Roof a 1-Man Job | Full Review


Mar 27, 2003
Myrtle Beach, SC
In the few short months we’ve owned our Bronco Raptor I’ve had the factory hard-top off and on more than a few times. While the BRaptor looks killer stripped down, it is a bit of a PITA to remove the bolted on rear section of top. That set us out searching for a better solution for the removal and reinstall process, which is where TopLift Pros came in.

As it stands, removal of the aft most section of Bronco top is best done with three sets of hands. It’s not that the roof section is heavy; rather it is just awkward to handle. Weight-wise, one person could easily lift it. However, finesse is needed more than brute force in order to not mar any of the finished surfaces. So not wanting to have to find a couple helpers every time I was going to R&R the top, I started searching for a little mechanical advantage. After a little research we settled on ordering a stock height rolling lift system from TopLift Pros out of Melbourne, FL. It would make top removal a one-man job.

The first thing I noticed upon the arrival of the kit was its superb packaging. This thing was shipped in two separate ~75 pound boxes, and the contents were packed better than 99% of any other part we’ve had delivered. The level of organization of the included hardware packs in the kit is something every manufacturer should strive to achieve.

That type of attention of detail also extends to the build quality of the lift. Once assembled, which is a simple process, you’ll notice the very nice powder coating and smooth rolling rubberized casters. The tubing is larger in diameter and had greater wall-thickness than I expected, plus the welds were very well done. The rubber landing pads should do well to protect the sound deadening head-liner on the roof during use and storage. This all adds up to a manual (electric actuation is an optional add-on) lift with smooth operation ready to save you some effort.


In practice, I have to say I’m pretty happy with the way the TopLift operates. The standard Bronco TopLift model does work with the BRaptor, even though it contains extra cage cross-members. All you have to do is position the lift pads as close to the back of the roof as possible, and then actuate the lift bar. This will lift the top up enough so the locator dowels will clear their pockets and all you to roll the lift and top back out of the way. You can then extend the lift all the way up and create enough clearance to park your Bronco head-in under the top, allowing you to save a little garage space.

After using the TopLift a few times I can’t say I have any complaints about it. It does exactly what I wanted it to do, and saves me from having round up semi-willing participants to R&R the top. The only thing I would change, and I probably will in the very near future, is I’d spring for the optional electric actuation kit. I feel that would allow me to be even more precise and confident in the re-installation process, plus it would make the whole event even easier. I didn’t buy this BRaptor so I could waste time performing menial chores with the help of my neighbors, so the Bronco TopLift is a perfect time/labor saving solution for me.

If you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, TopLift Pros is having a massive Black Friday Sale right now. Check it out:

Jeep Hardtop Removal & Storage | TopLift Pros

If you miss out on the Black Friday deals, you can use the discount code “SVTP” to get 5% off your order (offers do not combine).

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Mar 24, 2011
How much space does it take up when the top is on the stand? Depth and width? Looks to be about 4ft.


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Nov 17, 2002
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Now that is a nifty, well built tool/device. I could see a lot of owners springing for one because a lot of owners probably don't have the regular luxury of a second or third set of hands to help.

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