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UnleashedBeast you still here man?

Discussion in 'The Greasy Spoon' started by gqneon, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. gqneon

    gqneon Member Established Member

    May 26, 2015
    Frisco, TX
    Hey UnleashedBeast - I have a 15 GT with a 6R80 and was curious what you think about Amsoil's offerings after their latest reformulation announcement.

    I daily drive mine, internals of motor are stock other than OPG / crank sprocket, running on 93 pump gas with a Whipple. I love driving it under boost and make a few quarter mile passes a year, but have no problem letting the motor eat on a straightaway.

    So - I was thinking either 0W-30 SS or 0W-40 SS - I'd love to hear your input on both and what you think's better.

    I'd also like to know if going to Amsoil's Mercon LV ATF (blue bottle) is a good idea (it's their fuel-efficient one because the red / regular Amsoil ATF doesn't meet Mercon LV spec even though it's got better viscosity numbers).

    If you're around I'd love to hear your latest thoughts - and anyone who's got the specific info I'd value your input also!
  2. black92

    black92 Hot rod Lincoln Established Member

    Dec 22, 2005
    Gardner, KS
  3. UnleashedBeast

    UnleashedBeast Engine Lubrication Guru Established Member

    Oct 20, 2010
    Pensacola, Florida
    Ah ha! You have pulled me out from under the rock I was under. So many hobbies I've experienced since I joined SVTP. Fast cars, fast Waverunners, fast boats, and now....getting older, shopping for a very large slow boat.

    You know what, my "older" list still applies to the 2015. Don't fear the LV, it worked flawlessly in my 2014 Armageddon TT car.

    This is a revised application list I have created and is simplified to make the choice easier. This recommendation list will cover all seasons for your car, from the harshest winter days, to the hottest summer days. The best part is the oil only has to be changed once a year or 15,000 miles, whichever occur first. Amsoil AZF 0W-40 (Challenger Hellcat and Nissan GTR) and AMR 5W-50 (Ford Mustang) are two new formulations created for powerful street cars.

    8 quart fill – GT

    8.5 quart fill – Boss 302 and Track Pack GT

    Amsoil ALM 5W-20 – If your engine is 100% internally stock in Naturally Aspirated form, regardless of external simple bolt on mods, driven daily in all climates, use this. *Mustang GT only* previously, the old list recommended formulations in the 0W-30 to 10W-30 range for this engine. However, after testing in my personal 2014 Mustang GT with a stock engine, 5W-20 Signature Series is a contender. Using previous recommendations is OK, but will now use AZF 0W-40 as the blanket for most application requirements beyond 5W-20 for simplicity.

    Amsoil AZF 0W-40 - If you have a Boss 302 or Track Pack GT and you do not attend HPDE events, use this. Some people ask me if it’s OK to use this at the HPDE. If you plan to attend one event a year and are not driving the car to the edge of cooling limits, it’s acceptable. Schedule the annual oil change to happen right before the event to insure the lubricant is fresh. However, if you are an experienced HPDE track person, 5W-50 may be better suited for you. See the recommendation for 5W-50.

    Amsoil AMR 5W-50 - If your street car has a single/twin turbo or supercharger making a lot of power on pump gas or with advanced timing using E85 (or) If you have a Boss 302 or Track Pack GT, and you HPDE or race your car in competition for extended sessions….use this. *Not optimal for short trip, grocery getting, daily driven street duties. If you have a turbo or supercharged car that is driven daily, isn’t raced frequently, used on the streets for occasional wide open throttle bursts, Amsoil AZF 0W-40 is a better choice.*

    Amsoil EaO17 - This oil filter outperforms any filter on the market for the Coyote/Roadrunner. Royal Purple is the same filter, part # 20-500.

    Amsoil Synchromesh - requires 3 quarts. Use this if you road race your car, or you are experiencing poor shifting.

    If you have the Auto 6 speed, this stuff will survive the worst torture.

    Amsoil LV Synthetic ATF - 12 quart total fill

    and for the rear differential

    Amsoil 75W-140 - requires 3 quarts

    Don't forget the friction modifier

    Amsoil Slip Lock - use all four ounces

    *Boss 302 and Track Pack GT owners. If you have the Torsen differential in your car, do not use friction modifier.*

    Amsoil Fuel Stabilizer - Use 1 ounce per 2.5 gallons of gasoline when storing your car in the winter.

    Bottle Hand Pump - makes pumping new fluid into the transmission and rear differential very easy.

    Last thing, do NOT pay retail for Amsoil...EVER! This is how to buy all Amsoil products at wholesale cost (saves 25% off retail).

    Preferred Customer

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