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Authorized Vendor
Authorized Vendor
May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
Hey guys. We have a few of each of these kits in stock ready to ship. NO WAIT!!!

2018+ kits:
VMP ODIN Supercharger Kit (18-20 Mustang) VMP-SK1820MODIN

VMP Loki Supercharger Kit (18-20 Mustang) VMP-SK1820MLOKI

15-17 kits:
VMP Loki Supercharger Kit (15-17 Mustang) VMP-SK1517MLOKI

11-14 kits:
VMP Loki Supercharger Kit (11-14 Mustang) VMP-SK1114MLOKI

VMP ODIN Supercharger Kit (11-14 Mustang GT) VMP-SK1114MODIN

Feel Free to DM me or call with any questions.
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