Watch Out - It Can Get Away From You

Watch Out - It Can Get Away From You


High-Horsepower Mustangs and inexperienced drivers seem like a match made in the salvage yard. At least that seems to be where to pair often winds up. You know the story; someone buys more car than they can handle, they decide to put on a show, and destruction ensues. I first noticed the phenomenon becoming more common when the 2007 SVT GT500 Mustangs started hitting the lots.

Those cars tended to bring a less performance experienced buyer into the showroom than the previous generation Terminator Cobras. In fact, one of the first GT500s that I remember seeing on the street nearly ended up in the wall at the Myrtle Beach Speedway during Mustang Week over a decade ago. Since then we've seen technology progress to the point that building an 800RWHP Mustang is beyond simple. Just make a phone call to the likes of VMP Performance, Lethal Performance, Team Beefcake Racing, or TPS Motorsports and could have a blower kit with all the trimmings.

The options are plentiful; be it a VMP TVS, Whipple Twin-Screw, Procharger or Vortech Centri, or a Hellion Turbo System. All of them can wring power levels out of a Gen 3 Coyote that would put a 4.6L 2V owner's jaw on the floor. If you're not used to it, that kind of power can have a quick romp on the throttle end with the car pointed in the wrong direction. The car will steer in the direction the wheels are pointed, and inexperienced drivers have a tendency to over-correct when the rear-end breaks loose. The result is often a collision with a stationary object (like a curb) or a crowd if they're leaving a car show.

I have no idea what happened to the car below (which I found while browsing Craig's List), but it has a lot of the telltale signs of what we've been talking about. Newer car, low mileage, Whipple blower, and curb smashing'ish damage. What do you think? Have any interesting pics/vids of things going sideways on over-powered drivers? Post them up.

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Why is that amazing? A soft compound summer tire won't handle cold temperatures well. At 45 degrees, a summer tire's performance is dramatically reduced. As the temps dip below freezing.....dangerous!

Genesis gave me the same warning with my G70 Sport, which has Michelin summer tires.

Hyundai gave you the warning....
Don’t try and church it up there. Lmao. Will always be a Hyundai. No matter how big the angle wings are they slap on it.

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