Which blower would you choose?


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Apr 11, 2016
Madison, WI
Ok long overdue bump but I got some updates.

The good news is I scored a good deal on a used VMP gen 3 setup.

The bad news is that I didnt pay attention to what kit is was and ended up with a kit for a 15-17 instead of a 11-14.

So now I have questions. Looks like the degas bottle is different so I will need one of them, no big deal.

Can I run the 15-17 throttle body on the 11-14? Its the 137 mono blade if that matters.

Also it has the 85mm pulley on it, so I'm guessing that's too much sauce for my stock gen 1.

Anyone have any input on this? My car is cat deletes, x pipe, ID1000s and AED tune for power mods.

@VMP Performance Id appreciate your input on this particular issue (being the experts and all) if you see this.


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Oct 25, 2012
Dayton, OH
I'm almost positive the throttle bodies are not interchangeable. I'd sell the one you have and ask your tuner which one he prefers tuning wise. I am not sure where the Intercooler pump mounts on the s550 but I'd ensure you have the correct bracket and wiring harness.

Also, with the s550 kit you will have to grind a small portion on top of the block, it's easy just want you to be aware. I believe the lower manifold has to sit lower for the s550 for hood clearance.

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