WTB: 2003-2004 Terminator Cobra Under $20,000


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May 27, 2014
Hi all,
I am looking for an 03-04 Cobra for sale. I understand that a Cobra in this price range may possibly have higher milage, but they are great cars, so that does not really worry me. Please let me know what you have for sale. Here are more specifics on what I'm looking for:

03-04 Cobra
Under $20,000 price range
Coupe, please no convertibles. Color does not matter
No problems with the car, as I don't want to buy a car and then have to fix a lot on it (minor issues can be dealt with but must be in good running condition). Paint in good condition please, no major dings or scratches.
Under 100,000 miles is preferred as it will be my daily driver
Mods are nice but I can not afford to pay a lot more for something heavily modified and need something that's good to daily drive and drive between school and home so please keep that in mind.

I am located in Franklin, NC and prefer to not travel more than 2.5-3 hours. Thank you.

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