WANTED: WTB- clean 408 410 or 427 manual


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Aug 18, 2015
Charleston, SC
Lately I have been planning to build a 408 or 427 for my 95 and gathering notes and such and getting my list together. Since I have 2 cars and currently finishing up one project with the cosmetics and still have more to do on it, it's a little tasking having to plan this build and work on it and still have a lot of things I want to do and get started on other than car stuff. I might be willing to trade the 95 gt/saleen toward a nice/clean 408, 410, or 427 manual. I bought the 95 sometime in 2016 with 166k on it. I've tinkered with it a little bit and fixed a few things but I mainly bought to do a 351 swap. It has a cam, shorties, X, and flowmasters. I also have a painted laser red Saleen front bumper and side skirts and door pieces all original saleen items that came off of my other 95 gt/saleen that got hit in 2015. It was the twin of the one I bought and have right now. A 94 cobra engine with 273 k I have as well that I took out of the 94 cobra I bought in 2017. I put in the 300 rwhp engine out of the wrecked 94 into it April of '21. Show me what you have......


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