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WTS Densecharger CAI, Steeda RAI and Ported Stock Plenum

Discussion in 'Terminator Parts Buy/Sell' started by 03SonicVert, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. 03SonicVert

    03SonicVert Ford Junkie since 1996 Established Member

    Jun 19, 2013
    North of Atlanta, GA
    First up is a not too common cold air intake by Densecharger. Basically it bolts on in front of your stock MAF and relocates the air filter into the fender. It has carbon fiber like accents on the tube and on the plate that separates the engine compartment from the inner fender. Includes all hardware, screws and trim covers. The air filter is a K&N and will come clean and freshly oiled. $150

    I snaked this photo off the internet so you can see what it looks like installed. Another plus is that these parts are easily scuffed and sprayed with your choice of paint/color.

    Next is a Steeda brand ram air intake. The kit is in great shape. The brushed stainless heat shield is in great shape with only a few rubs as well as an intact rubber edge protector. Included the 2 small grommets that go into the body of the vehicle. The primary air filter in the photos is basically new. If you would like I will also include a second filter which has a small rub spot. I was going to take some wire and stitch it up but never got around to it. See the last photo for the rub spot. $115


    Last up is a stock plenum that had the "dips" welded and then the whole interior ported. Once it was ported it was then ported again! I don't know that there is a stock plenum in existence that is this hogged out. Once done it was powder coated in "Chrome" type color. In the second photo at the bottom you can see where the indent was filled with epoxy for reinforcement. Nice little piece with a lot of time and effort involved. $85.


    I can accept paypal +3.5 or as gift as well as USPS money orders. Please post here in the thread and then email me. I check forum messages but not very often.

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