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1994 dd

Discussion in '1st Generation' started by Dave88, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. Dave88

    Dave88 New Member

    Jul 4, 2011
    Roseville, Mi
    I picked up my 94 in May and I am looking for specific ideas for a decently powerful daily driven 1st gen. I'm doing a small restoration on the interior right now because most of my spending money goes toward my 2nd gen. But, I would love to have a high 13/low 14 second first gen to drive around on a daily basis. No forced induction at all! I do have access to do machining engine parts. Even with 158K miles, both compression and leakdown tests are great. I was thinking of milling the heads for alittle more compression and doing some porting of the heads. I would be keeping the SD and doing a mild cam swap as well. I've done home porting on heads before but never on a Windsor engine. Any tips? I do plan on doing a 408 stroker in the next 5 years but the 94 has to serve as my DD till then. I currently have stock manifolds into 2.5" no cat exhaust, flowmaster mufflers. I do plan on doing some better traction bars and decent all season tires. I don't plan on running the 94 at the track at all. Just looking for a even match to my 300fwhp HHR SS for DD duty. I'm trying to stay away from doing a converter at this point because if i pull the trans, I'm rebuilding it. I do agree a converter is a great mod for the money but I currently don't want to do the rebuild. Thats why I suggested the machine work. It costs me nothing and I can do it when I have access to another vehicle. I know I would be leaving alot at the table by not going with a converter right now but I'm sure there are some decent running Gen 1's with the stock converter. I use my 94 for everyday driving and am looking for more mid range power. After 3000rpm it starts to fall on its face. I would like a little more rpm range to up to 4k. I rarely go over 4K. Any ideas on to achieve a decent DD without a converter to satisfy my goals?


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