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Tuner in Norcal and Mustang mechanics

Discussion in 'California' started by Wings65288, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Wings65288

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    Dec 7, 2004
    Fortuna, CA
    A guy from Oregon posted in Terminator talk looking for a tuner in his area. While this tuner/mechanic is not in Oregon he's very close. I posted this message over there and thought i should post it here too in case anyone is looking. Here's the messages i posted...

    "Well anyway there's a very good tuner with a dyno in Eureka, CA. He's a few hours from Oregon. Dennis Ellsworth he owns Humboldt Hydrographics. Him and his bro do awesome work on ALL mustangs and cars in general. If u want his # PM me or just Google their shop and see for yourself or IG @ d_ellsworth_jr Very nice work."

    Fwiw they did all the work on my Terminator and about 5 other Terminators that i can think of (newer Cobras too) and I'm completely happy. My car had oil leaks, power steering leaks, suspension issues, paint issues, it had issues lol. Anyway u name it they do it and at a very fair price. Hope this can help someone.

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