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    1994-1998 Mustang GT V6 Front Caliper Brackets

    Set of OEM Ford Front Caliper Brackets. The part numbers are F3SZ-2B292-A and F3SZ-2B293-A. Brand new in the boxes and never bolted on any car.
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    03/04 Vert Quarter Window Motor Right Side NEW IN BOX

    Brand new, never installed right rear quarter window motor for 03/04 Verts. The part number is 1R3Z7623394AA or Motorcraft WLM179. Part removed for picture purposes only. Never installed or plugged in. Lists for $98 at the dealer. Like to get $50 shipped.
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    1994-2004 Cobra Front and Rear Rotors NEW OEM

    Have a set of brand NEW in the box OEM rotors for 1994-2004 Cobras. These are the proper rotors for Fox Body 5 lug conversions as well. The four of them will be heave and at least $45-$50 to ship via UPS. I would like to get $315 shipped if possible.
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    H & R Race Springs BRAND NEW

    Brand new in the box H & R Race springs for 1999-2004 Cobra Coupes. The part number is 51659.88.
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    Satin Silver Metallic 2003 Cobra

    Need to move on to a household and another vehicle project. So, time to sell the 03. Links to Craigslist and Autotrader Ads below. Basic info on the car: JLT High Boost CAI, Mac Off-road Pro-Chamber and 3" stainless Mac Cat-back, MM Full Length Subframes, MM Low-Profile IRS Bolts, Billet-Flow...
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    2003 Cobra Throttle Pedal and Brake/Clutch Pedal Pad

    Brand new in the box from Ford dealer accelerator pedal assembly with pad and brake or clutch pedal pad. Part numbers are 1R3Z-9725-AA and 3R3Z-2457-BA. $60.00 for both shipped. Paid over $100 at dealer for both. Can't use them.
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    (8) DG 508 Ignition Coils 4.6 5.4 Mustang

    I have have a set of 8 Motorcraft Ignition Coils I bought for my car and didn't end up needing. I had another unrelated ignition issue. The coils are brand new in the box and have never been plugged in. The part number is DG508 or 3W7Z12029AA. These coils fit numerous applications (See below)...
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    2003 Silver Metallic Coupe FS

    Link to autotrader ad. Will consider all reasonable offers and/or trade for clean 91-93 Fox coupe plus cash. PM for more details. Cars For Sale: Car Details -
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    42# Injectors BRAND NEW

    I have a set of brand new, never used, 42# Injectors for sale. I paid $300 for them. Willing to take $250 shipped. Pay Pal preferred. PM or email me [email protected] if interested.
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    GT500 T-shirts

    I'm down to my last 50 of these or so and some are currently listed on Ebay. This is the last time I'll ever get my hands on these.
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    GT500 Dealership/Distributor Posters

    I have several sets of these posters available. I can sell through here too if you don't want to use Ebay. IMO, the a/c one is the nicest due to the various cobras at the bottom. Poster is standard size and will be shipped in secure USPS tube for $5.85 per set of three...
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    MMFLSFC'S Question

    I just had my sub frames welded in at a local repair shop on my 03 coupe. Should the chinsy factory ones have been removed during the install? I can't really tell from looking but it appears they may have welded the MM's to them. When I had my 03 vert done they removed the stock ones. FWIW, they...
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    03-04 Cobra Coupe Springs BRAND NEW

    I have a set of 4 brand new, never used, 03-04 Cobra coupe springs for sale. I just bought these from the dealer and have decided not to lower the car. I am looking to get $125 shipped. I paid $160 for the set of 4, so my loss is your gain. Pics to follow.
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    Stock Coupe Springs BRAND NEW

    I have a set of 4 brand new, never installed, coupe springs for sale. I just bought them last week from the dealer and was going to cut them for a slight drop on my car. I ended up going another route. They were special ordered so I cannot return them. I paid $160 for the set and am looking for...