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    What Injectors are you running?

    The list of advantages is endless. Closed loop fueling control being the main one. You set a target A/F and the Holley uses the wideband and MAP sensors to correct fueling to obtain desired A/F. You can set multiple safeties to shut the car down in case something bad happens. You can run...
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    What Injectors are you running?

    You have to be careful on the Bosch 210's, there are a tremendous amount of fakes out there. I and many others have bought from this eBay seller and we have verified their authenticity with Bosch USA. They come in individual Bosch boxes with the protect codes on them. Without a highly skilled...
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    What Injectors are you running?

    Few observations. You don't need a triple pump set up for what you're looking to do. You can take a stock pump hat and modify it by adding a 2nd feed on it and run twin 340's. That will easily support a ported Eaton setup on corn, even with a 150 shot. This is what we used to do back in the...
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    Winter tires

    Why would you drive this car in the snow/ice and subject it to salt? Also as stated, an ultra high performance all season is not even remotely close to a snow tire. Buy a shitbox Mustang GT and drive that thing in the winter and park the Cobra.
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    Honing cyl bore to increase piston to wall clearance

    If I am tearing the engine down and honing cylinders, last thing I would ever do is put stock pistons back in. The skirts on stock pistons are paper thin and they are very low compression. The other consideration is, after all those heat cycles, the pistons have differing diameters, meaning...
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    Car is breaking up when I stab the throttle

    This is what a wobbled out keyway on your trigger wheel looks like. It causes all kinds of timing problems. How it happens is many guys pull their balancer on with the crank bolt and the balancer doesn't seat all the way on this is the result. Make sure you are using a balancer install tool...
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    Degreeing Cams for 5.4 4V With Tremi Heads

    Email Todd Warren and he will send his recommendations. He's a cam guru. [email protected]
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    ProEFT Tuning - Compound Boosted Terminator

    Very few tuners want to deal with ProEFI. Errol @ TPS in West Palm is who most seem to go through. That is who I would recommend calling.
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    billet crank sprocket?

    Call Autonation Ford White Bear Lake see if they have one in stock. That part is not showing discontinued, so probably just an availability issue.
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    First Teksid build.

    If you are using 03 Cobra heads, you use 32 of the larger ones. Jordan should know that, give him a call.
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    Turbo spec help - Comp Oil less

    What kind of racing you do? I assume roll racing since you're in Houston and stick shift lol. I would move to a t4 housing. You'll have to have your flanges modified to accommodate the change, but it will be worth it. I would also consider bigger turbos. To be competitive down there, you...
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    Turbo spec help - Comp Oil less

    What turbos do you have now? Are they Garrett based? They are easily rebuildable if so. What are you running for a scavenge pump?
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    Battery Size?

    I run a group 65 Duracell from Sam's Club. I think it's 850cca? Also mounted in the back. Seems to work just fine.
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    16k mile turbo 03 cobra concerns

    The torque box welds are easily repaired, just need a grinder and someone who knows how to weld. The cage is a different story. I would venture to guess virtually no chassis shop is going to want any part of fixing a poorly welded cage.
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    First Teksid build.

    You only bought 32 of this one right??