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    Obsolete Ford Part Search

    Check Tasca ford - they list it for a 96 i couldn't find a description of it though = = = Side note - - - the one i was looking at was 177.xx$ OUCH
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    Cooler recommendations please

    Does it seem worse if its been closed for a long period of time (what i have noticed)? If so try loosening the drain plug to let it breath for a sec , it seems like the lid gets vapor locked (for lack of a better term). Then tighten it back up afterwards.
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    Cooler recommendations please

    I have a couple of mainline coolers they are about the same as the ones mentioned above - - I cannot say they are any better or worse than the others because its used as a beer cooler that gets opened up every 10 mins (it seems) anyhow last weekend we flipped a SXS and it was undamaged so i can...
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    (QuickJack) Portable Car Lift

    I just looked at the pic and thought - no freaking way would i get under a car without it being bolted down lol. then i went and looked at the site, thats a slick set-up.
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    Spy Shots: '23 RAM 3500 HD Caught With Air Intake

    ALTERNATIVE POWER Cummins 6.7-liter gas engine part of new fuel agnostic strategy Tom Quimby (HWT) Feb 15, 2022 Cummins 15-liter natural gas engine shown above will follow their gasoline-powered 6.7-liter engine scheduled for roll-out in 2024. Cummins In response to growing customer demand...
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    Spy Shots: '23 RAM 3500 HD Caught With Air Intake

    I saw an article that cummins made a 6.7 gas motor ( looked like their diesel and if it wouldn't of said gas in the article i wouldn't of been none the wiser) anyhow the article said they wanted to get it in a Ram so maybe look for that to come out in the future - - will try to link it if i can...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Were her elbows to pointy also?
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    Used Vehicle Insights

    speaking of the DOD issue could they have not just dropped out spark and fuel and let the cylinder act as a air pump? I have worked on a couple replacing cam, lifters, and doing a retune to remove this issue - - these motors hold up well after this, i can't believe they still use it after all of...
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    Electric F150 Lightning Pilot Program

    It looks like all pretty much flat ground they were testing on lol. will be interesting to see what Tezz500 comes up with . side note it was pretty impressive that it still got to 60 in under 10 secs.
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    SXS questions, Talon and YZX

    Thats impressive - - Im hoping it has a pretty big intercooler on it?
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    SXS questions, Talon and YZX

    I said the same about the YXZ but its grew on me lol- - nothing a turbo wouldn't fix hehe.
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    SXS questions, Talon and YZX

    Will check it out , I'm not dead against a CVT just everything i drive is manual LOl. I'm trying to post some of the other pics but haven't got them cut down enough to meet the size yet.
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    SXS questions, Talon and YZX

    we ride in the south east last year we were at Hatfield and Mccoy there is also Winrock and a couple others near us i will post some pics from the other weekend at the start of cutting in the new trail we had 3 polaris's with us a 900, 1000na and a turbo one also a talon -- the talon and turbo...