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    FS Silver 2003 Cobra 97k miles

    Selling my 2003 Silver cobra. I'm the original owner, 97k miles. Asking $16,000. It has magnaflow x-pipe, magnaflow catback, a 3.1" pulley, predator tuner, cold air kit, gords heat exchanger, maximum motorsports strut tower brace. New hawk hps pads, new brake rotors, new front tires. Car is...
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    Dyno 3.1/Predator

    Car had 10min cooldown before run. Mods in sig. Predator pulley tune, timing was set to 6% retard. Temp about 75.
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    Cobra pics

    I got some posters made from the pics in the cobra brochure (digital copies). I had kinkos enarge them and make them into posters. I put a quarter on there for scale. What do you guys think? Cobra Pics