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    Melted TMAP

    TMAP sensor (IAT2/MAP ) taken out of a bone stock '03 Cobra with 26K miles, pulled to transfer to Whipple base plate. What would cause it to melt like this and should I have any other concerns? Car did not throw any codes nor was there any data logging performed. New set up will be 2.3L...
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    Smog Check Question- WA (help)

    Pierce County Washington resident that has smog testing done off OBD2 port. Want to delete the EGR system & shutoff in tune on my '03 cobra. Questions: Will deleting the EGR & shutting it off in the tune result in smog check failure??? Anyone living in Pierce County (in particular) or...
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    EGR Delete & emission test (WA)

    Anybody know if the Pierce County WA emission test can detect if EGR was deleted and codes turned off in tune? Understand in some states the testing equipment can/does detect if emission related items are turned off in the tune resulting in emission failure. I want to yard all that crap off...
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    Factory service manuals

    Price please for factory service manual(s) shipped to 98499. Printed book type, 2003 Cobra.
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    Polished Whipple?

    How does the polishing on the polished Whipple AX140 (2.3L) hold up? Are they clearcoated or will they slowly oxidize from engine compartment cleaning. Do these look "too Bling" and should stick with black? Pretty certain I'm going whipple this winter and would rather keep the s/c from standing...
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    Where can I purchase???

    Does anyone have a source for hypercoated (gunmetal color) '03 cobra style wheels in 18x9 & 18x10?
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    17x10" wheels w/ 20mm OS????

    Have not seen any info for 17x10" wheels with 20mm offset. Doing rough figuring I think the wheel should protrude outward approx 3/4" (about the same as a 10.5" wheel with 27mm offset. Am I wrong and and/or will this setup work on my '03 cobra? My thought is the backset should be abit more...
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    Question for Steeda sport springs owners.

    Has anyone installed Steeda sport springs on a terminator w/o the top isos front and rear? I have a set I'm installing and thinking about leaving the top isos out all around for another 1/4" drop. Any pictures? Any input pro or con? Thanks in advance!
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    Cracks in rear rotors.

    I have some hairline cracks in my rear brake rotors (fronts were ok), I assume it is from typical heat cycles. Should I replace them or simply have them turned and consider it normal? Any input??