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    World Premiere: Koenigsegg CC850

    These cars make Ferrari and Lambo’s look like an airport rentals. Truly next level.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Waylon Jennings - legend
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    Bought a second Turo car...

    You would have to have a very flexible other job to get this to work (drop off). Seems like more of a hassle than what it is worth. Maybe if you could find a secure location near the airport and have a fleet of vehicles that would give you enough scale to hire a couple of full time FTE’s to...
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    Picked my daughter up a MB GLA 45 AMG

    The acquisition cost is like a down payment on total ownership cost. 8yr old Merc with 68k miles. Glad you have deep pockets.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I used to save mine for the next guy. The last two I have driven the wheels off and have enjoyed every minute of it. Hard to make that transition though.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    How many miles do you have on the Roush?
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    TC, you'll be missed

    Kudos to him being married for 60 yrs to the same woman. that is a rare feat for anyone much less a semi-celebrity.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    The other two cars (fantastic in their own right) look like 1972 New Yorkers compared to yours. I cant even imagine how tight the handling would be. Then again since I am claustrophobic, imagine is all I will ever do. I suspect I would have a panic attack within 15 seconds of sitting in that...
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    Random Picture Thread

    lot lizard rental….
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    Career advice…time for something new

    Become a welder. Serious demand and lack of supply is a real problem = 6 figure income.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Amazing how small it looks compared to the other cars. It is bad To the bone. Color fits it perfectly.
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    While waiting for the mythical 2022 Bronco

    I am just quoting another member on Bronco 6G that picked his up last week from Granger and was told his was the 100th they have delivered.
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    While waiting for the mythical 2022 Bronco

    Granger’s sales have exploded across their entire Ford line even during the pandemic supply issues. They didn’t get anywhere close to that number. They just delivered their 100th a few weeks back.
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    While waiting for the mythical 2022 Bronco

    Yes. They are similar to Nick’s dealership in many ways. Family owned, father turned the business over to the son to run. Son is an enthusiast as well. Outstanding reputation. They are located just a few miles from my house.
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    While waiting for the mythical 2022 Bronco

    My dealer got screwed when Ford changed rules of the game after reservations were already booked. Small town dealer that is located 15 min from my house. Booked more reservations than any Ford Dealer in the country due to below invoice pricing and outstanding customer service/communication. Big...