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    2012 Driveline Noise (Carrier Bearing in Driveshaft?)

    In case anyone is having a similar issue, it was the bushing in my upper control arm and differential bushing were damaged and transferring noise.
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    2012 Driveline Noise (Carrier Bearing in Driveshaft?)

    Hello, hoping to get some help on an issue I have been having with my car. Starting a few months ago, I have been getting a gear whine/bearing type noise, mainly in 5th or 6th gear, and much louder on deceleration. I took it to a shop that is very familiar with Mustangs, and they thought it was...
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    New Pmas Intake

    Is this still for sale?
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    Possibly blown 5.0 coyote

    You can run the boss long block, and I believe the boss rotating assembly is forged from the factory, but I am not sure how much stronger it is.
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    Best tpms sensors?

    get oem, I had the ones AM sells and all 4 failed last winter when temps dropped. The seals cracked and all 4 were leaking air
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    Boss 302 shift knob/boot with MGW race spec?

    Hello, I want to get a boss 302 shift knob and boot for my stock mt-82 car while I save up for a race spec, but I have heard some people say that knob doesn't fit with the race spec in, while others say it will. does anyone have any experience with this combination? Thanks!