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    Drone Shopping

    Just if it's monetized, like YouTube or any other site that makes you money. Basically if you are not making money from it and under 250g you can operate without the license. Still read up on the faa rules, especially if you are near airports and aircraft. Basically don't fly over people or...
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    Drone Shopping

    I have the DJI mavic Mini (fly more combo) , Go for the DJI mini 2 (fly more combo) at $599 same shell as the plain mini, but much, much better range and less issues with interference with OccuSync instead of just Wifi, 4k camera, better controller, more smart tracking features and like the...
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    That's what happens when you don't have pipelines and are lucky. The oil almost all goes by rail without a line. I've read many stories of small towns taken out by a runaway train filled with oil products. When it gets loose and runs down hill and derails in the middle of a small town where the...
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    Basically a return to I-Drive, which I don't mind. Now the fingerprints on my Mustang screen annoy me, whereas with I-drive you just use the controller with your right hand and the screen stays prefect.
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    biggest inflation surge in more than 30 years

    Reminds me of someone cooking either a chicken or duck inside a Turkey (not a full turducken) and the late teen/early 20's girl got upset thinking that they cooked a pregnant turkey. At this rate big cities will be using Pigeons in a decade. Thank goodness I can harvest Pheasant and Quail, and...
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    Looks like BMW is ditching touchscreens in many of the cars they are producing next year due to chip shortages. Honestly the I-Drive in the Z4 that has no touchscreen is easier to use than the Sync 1 "With navigation" in the Mustang aside from entering phone numbers. Once you get used to the...
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    Use a word/term deemed "insensitive" and Nascar will send you off to sensitivity training!

    I can't wait for the PC Police to attack the naming conventions for timing on an engine. "It's a timing spectrum... it's advance or special now..."
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    Jetson One - Official Launch

    Intesting step, but when it comes to flying your much better off to go in with a friend or two and share a single engine, unpressurized aircraft with a reasonable rate of fuel burn (ie Piper PA-28 Cherokee, which can fly to KC and back cheaper than a car) and split the annuals. 20mins... I get...
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    Fuel prices near you

    We went down a penny after the local news ran a story of gas being exactly $1 more a gallon that last year @ $3.09, so now $3.08
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    Fuel prices near you

    Nearly $50 for a Z4 Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
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    GM Releases ZZ632 Big Block | 1,000HP on Pump Gas

    I'm thinking of my cousins boat, It's a 30ft Regal (basically the biggest boat you can tow without a wide load), and the outdrive has already died once this summer, and thought it took the engine as it immediately died and would not turn over. Although it looks like the failure was due to a...
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    Breaking news.

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    GM Releases ZZ632 Big Block | 1,000HP on Pump Gas

    It'd be interesting in a boat, swap it in place of a Volvo Penta and should bolt up as it's a BBC. Now the question is if the outdrive or props would be able to keep up/ survive.
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    Fuel prices near you

    $2.19 E85 (tested 85%) $3.09 87 $3.39 Diesel $3.59 91
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    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

    It's like the CDC has started playing Kerbal space program and is in the "just add more boosters" camp