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    Ford racing logo

    i need a Ford racing logo picture and a Oval Ford logo picture with the back ground in Carbon fiber look , does anybody have it ? in hd please thanks:beer:
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    Price quote

    Hi Steve , please give a price quote on the 10th Anniversary Cobra Caliper set with brake pads. ( front only ) thanks
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    big big favor

    listen a need a big favor, ..thanks thank u :beer:
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    i need a signature ..please

    could anyone make me a signture its for a friend thanks THANKS
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    Can someone make me a badass sig??

    please can someone make me a sig?? thanks
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    about NOS

    So i have decided to put nitrous on my 04 cobra. I have a dry kit ( installed before the MAF ) can i go with a 60hp jet ?? how many degrees of timing should i take off ? fuel do i have to go richer ?? i have a predator....thanks for the help..... :beer:
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    WICKEDSTANGS sig please

    WICKEDSTANGS please do me another sig... thanks again :beer: please dont forget me... thanks
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    Sig Request Please!

    Sig Request Please wickedstangs........ its for a friend here in Montreal....thanks thanks....:beer:
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    WICKEDSTANGS me again

    do me another one please.....thanks
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    WICKEDSTANGS a sign please

    could u do me another sign....thanks :beer:
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    question for the pro's

    cobra 2004 ported eaton blower , pulley 2.80 , plugs two step colder , stk crank pulley , my question : i wanna run a small shot of NOS dry ( 50 hp ) do i have to back up my timing ? if i do or two degres ? or none ? thanks
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    WICKEDSTANGS if u are back...please

    WICKEDSTANGS , if u are back from vacation , i hope u had a good me another sig....thanks
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    wickedstangs please..... another one

    wickedstangs please..... another one ..... thanks once again thanks for the great ...:beer:
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    wickedstangs please.....

    wickedstangs please do me another one...thaNKS thanks :beer:
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    wickedstangs me again....

    wickedstangs ....sorry to keep u busy... do me another sig please name to put on " Bubbamax " once again thanks