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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    1 only equals 7 When you're counting votes for Joe Biden.
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    New Toyota Supra

    I think they completely dropped the ball on this one. The 93-98 had a timeless look. They should have started there and modernized. I really had high hopes when the rumors started about it but in my eyes it's a flop. JMHO.
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    If you'd like to be confused and like to watch movies 5x to understand what's going on this is for you. Christopher Nolan delivers as usual.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Holy shit!
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    This weekends F1 crash... wow.

    Video disabled.
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    Wide Body Fox Update

    Very unique approach, I love it.
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    Random Picture Thread

    I would enjoy thinking the makeup job on all 6.
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    New 6.8L V8 for F150/Mustang?

    I was just going to post this..... it just seems so contrary to everything Fort has been doing though.
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    POV of Ferrari 812 Superfast losing control and crashing in London!

    How much does he charge for driving lessons?
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    Random Picture Thread

    I drive truck and I would even stop for that faggot. Got what he deserved. I see morons like that in a rush for nothing multiple times a day. ****ing morons.
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    The new HUMMER

    You make no sense.
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    The new HUMMER

    You lost me there... So why specifically GT500 and Raptor owners?
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    The new HUMMER

    So you mean Hellcat, demon, z06, zr1, and ZL1 owners too?
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    The new HUMMER

    It'll sell.... just cuz douchebags buy douchebag things. H1 was always just a status symbol with great capabilities sold to douchebags with money to burn, this fits that segment perfectly. There's always a niche for vehicles of this nature.
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    SSC Tuatara top speed run, 331mph. 316mph average for the record.

    The crazy thing is it seemed like it could have kept going is they had more room.