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    Changing Differential DIY or Pay somebody?

    How much are people paying to change the differential? I have pulled out the center chunk and brought it to a shop to just replace the stock differential with a T2R and they are saying 290 just for labor not including seals and bearings. That seems very high to me. Is it really a PIA or what as...
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    FYI if you have a Linksys WRTP54G with Vonage

    I have had Vonage for over a year and just replaced my ATA as well as my parents with a new Linksys WRTP54G and was having quality issues with it. After looking at the firmware one was at 1.00.12 and the other was like 1.00.8 and I couldn't download the current useable version from the web site...
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    Black Chrome rims on Sonic Blue

    Does anybody have pics of black chrome rims on a Sonic Blue mustang? I think the 03/04 style in black chrome would look good, but can't seem to find any pictures of one.
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    Trailering you car

    Does anybody make permanent tie downs hooks to mount on the car or do you just wrap the tie downs around the axles and LCAs? I thought I saw some before, but can’t find them now. I am also wondering if my ML55 will be fine to pull it I know it has more then enough power just worried about...
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    Accusump Mount

    Where are you guys putting your Accusumps? I have the 3qt model and it is huge. I am going to pull the driver wheel off and see if it will fit behind the plastic wheel well liner or is there a better place? I think the farther back behind the front axle I can mount it the better.
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    Accusump Set-up

    I am working on my oil set-up for my new motor and trying to determine what valve is needed for the Accusump. From what I have found I believe the EPC is needed, but at what pressure range?
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    Well I had an engine failure in my 03

    If you have not heard already I had an engine failure in my 03 on Tuesday. It appears to have been a ring failure in 7. It really was not unexpected and I am currently planning on really setting it up right now.
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    Anybody want a Bullmastiff

    I have a 1 year old Bullmastiff named “Kilo” that I can't keep any longer. He was named Kilo because he was the runt, but is now much bigger then his siblings and his father was at his age. He is around 100 Ibs now and will probably be close to 140 Ibs when he matures. He is a very docile...
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    Coil-Over Suspension

    There is what is starting to be an interesting suspension thread reguarding coil-overs in the Terminator forum if anybody is interested.
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    Clean Rims from HT10 Brake Dust

    Does anybody have any suggestions how to get the brake dust off of my rims? Yes I drove for about a month with HT10s after my last track event because I just didn't get around to changing them. They actually have better cold bite then the Galpher pads the Brembos came with. I washed my car...
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    Rear Brake Slippers

    Does anybody know where I can find the rear brake slippers that snap on the ends of the pads?
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    NASA National Auto Sports Association

    What is the opinion of NASA events. I was just looking on there site and they run a lot of track events about 8 this year in Florida. I am thinking about joining and doing some events with them. They seem to be very structured which could be a good and safe...
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    Moroso Open Track Event

    As an update I had the first track day in my 03 today. The day didn't start out good as the first lap of my run group on turn 3 a guy that was a ways in front of me ran head on into the wall full speed it looked like he didn't turn or try to stop at all. I was coming into turn 2a when it...
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    Track Helmet

    Does anybody know of a place to buy helmets in Broward County?
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    MM Strut Tower Brace

    I just found out the Maximum Motorsports is now making a strut tower brace for the 03 and 04 Cobras. I haven't seen any info on it yet so I don't know if it will clear the KB or Whipple. Does anybody have any info or pictures?