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    WTB O/R shorty x 98 cobra

    looking for an o/r shorty x for my 98 cobra. leme knw what you got. thanks!
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    new clutch...crappy

    so before i go into any details i just wanna say i went against my "you get what you paid for". ok so i bought an F1 stage 2 with the light weight alum flywheel. car was runnin 13.1's. Put it in, pedal feels like shit. went threw the break in period and no better. waay off the floor. car is now...
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    odometer button trick?

    there was a thread on here a while ago about holding the odometer button to get some diag tricks on the dash. just forgot how to do it.
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    degree cams??

    if im putting hi-perf cams in, is it worth degreein the cams? i hear you'll only see little increase.