1. 9

    WANTED: 96-98 Cobra Intake Cams

    Anyone have a set of the 96-98 Cobra intake cams they're willing to part with? Part numbers are F6ZE-6A270 and F6ZE-6A271 to my knowledge. Replacing the stock Mark VIII ones. Been searching every site I can think of but they seem to have faded from existence. Thanks!
  2. T

    FOR SALE: MHS Modular Headshop 4v Stage 2 S/C Camshafts ☠️

    Selling a set of brand new MHS Stage 2 Blower camshafts. Never installed with the fresh plastic smell like opening presents on Christmas morning. Would make a great Christmas present too...
  3. jerry5

    Brand New Comp Cams, Stage 3 Blower/Nitrous 106460

    Ok let me try to post this a third, Apparently the clown is looking for any little reason to remove my posts. Cams are in the original Boxes/packaging, never used or installed. These are $1,250 new at all the parts stores. Price - $850.00 plus shipping, firm. RPM Range: 2000-6400 Valve Lash...
  4. Willadams

    Can I use S550 exhaust cams in 11-14?

    Hi all, I've got a new crate engine in my 2011 Coyote. It's got the 2015 cams/Phasers/chains etc. I've been told I need to change back to 11-14 VCT for the engine to run properly. I keep getting bank 1 and 2 intake cams over retarded codes. I've heard that the S550 exhaust cams can be used...
  5. Z

    JDM Engineering Cams, Springs & Bolts for sale

    SOLD!****************************I have a BRAND NEW set of JDM Engineering Cams, Springs and ARP Cam bolts for sale. Bought it all, but have to sell the car so I haven't had them installed. NEW in box! I paid $2300.00 for everything, but I will sell it all for $1900 O.B.O. No low-ball offers...
  6. 5

    2014 nos

    Gentlemen, I am kicking around the idea of putting MMR Stage2 NOS Cams in my engine. I have already put a NX 150 shot plate system, with an 302 BOSS intake and the FR 90mm TB, with a 3100-6800 rpm window switch It was tuned by a shop in Lewis Center, Oh (PIck-ups Plus). They did a great job...
  7. 04Marine08

    2011-2012 GT500 CAMS. L&M or MMR?

    Hey guys I was wondering if I could get some input on cam choices for the 11-12 shelbs and what you guys think would be better off. I'm looking for an aggressive lopey idle that doesn't destroy daily drivability. I came across a few custom cams from L&M and MMR. I was wondering if either...
  8. 03bananacobra

    Stage 3 crower cams bnib fs cheap

    Im selling my bran new crower stage 3 cams they havent even left the box yet there still labeled in the plastic they cam in with the crower box. Ibpaid over 1200 for them brand new. I have a 75 dollar gift card for lethal performance that ill throw in for who ever buys them cause you will need...
  9. D

    5.0 NA Stroker Cam Selection

    Anyone running a NA 5.0 Stroker (4V Cobra motor)? Looking very seriously at taking the plunge this week. If anyone has experience, I am looking specifically for cam selection. Running a stroker on stock cams, or even on performance cams meant for 4.6 motors, will increase low end and kill top...
  10. Fourcam330

    World's First Heads/Cams M156 6.2L AMG V8

    Modern Horsepower World's First M156 63 AMG & M159 SLS AMG Billet Camshafts Modern Horsepower (MHP) is proud to announce the release of our M156 & M159 billet camshafts and matching software for naturally aspirated, nitrous, and forced induction applications. Combined with custom MHP...
  11. AMChrisRose

    Comp Cams - 2011-2012 Mustang 5.0L Coyote Camshafts -

    It's that time! We've gotten literally hundreds of inquiries about the 2011 & 2012 5.0L Coyote Mustang cams. The wait is finally over! They're in-stock and shipping. Can't wait to bolt these up to our 2011 Automatic to see what it'll do to our current 10.43 @ 130mph. We'll have dyno results...
  12. 96svtblack

    comp xer274 supercharged cams fs

    hey guys have a clean set of low mileage comp cams here for supercharged or nitrous applications, im asking 700 shipped, pm if interested thx!
  13. Fourcam330

    First Pics: MHP Rifled Drilled Billet 9310 M156/M159 Camshaft Blanks (63 AMG)

    MHP is proud to be the only aftermarket tuner featuring aftermarket camshafts for the AMG M156/M159 Series of engines. Cams are billet 9310, rifle drilled, and after final heat treating and polishing look like black chrome. DLC coating for cams and buckets is optional...