coolant tank

  1. Jake@Lethal

    Fathouse Fab Coolant Tank Upgrade | 2024 Mustang Dark Horse!

    Today, Jared installs the Fathouse Fabrication Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank on our 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse! This top notch fabricated tank replaces your factory plastic coolant tank with a sleek, black powder-coated tank that is designed to work with OEM vented coolant cap and mounts...
  2. 4

    Cobra Coolant Tank and Intercooler reservoir

    cobra coolant tank and intercooler reservoir. $50 shipped for both. $28 shipped each. RADIATOR RESERVOIR SOLD. INTERCOOLER RESERVOIR SOLD Craig 901-493-1099 cell
  3. 4

    2003 Cobra intercooler tank and coolant tank

    Coolant tank (larger) - $43 shipped + 3% paypal fee. SOLD Intercooler tank (smaller) - $27 shipped + 3% paypal fee. SOLD Thanks, Craig