1. Jake@Lethal

    Explorer ST SPD Catted Downpipes & AWR's Differential Mount Kit! ALL IN STOCK!!!

    Explorer ST Heaven! Better flow with SPD Catted Downpipes and strong differentials with AWR's Differential Mount Kit! ALL IN STOCK!! Check them out in the links below! AWR Diff. Mount : https://bit.ly/3zPmJXB SPD Down Pipes ...
  2. N

    01 Cobra IRS clarification

    Hi, everyone, I am posting this because I have read a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to the 2001 Cobra, I recently bought one with a blown rear end, I am in the process of rebuilding it and I have found that the 01 and 03-04 are virtually the same with the exception of gears, I ordered an...
  3. B

    Leaking diff oil cooler?

    Thanks for the add! I am Changing out my differential fluid on 13 GT500.. It is wet around the oil cooler fittings so it seems to be seeping fluid out there. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
  4. B

    What differential fluid for 13 GT500?

    Hello, all! Thanks for the add. I recently picked up my 13 grabber blue GT500 with all options besides glass roof. I’m looking to change my differential oil and not sure what grade from the factory is used. I know it has the torsen diff and 3.31 gears. Is it full synthetic SAE 75W-85? Also, do...
  5. sonicblue232

    Gear experts, where did I go wrong? Differential noise

    Long time lurker first time poster here. So I just finished swapping an IRS from an 03 Cobra into my car and I'm getting some noise from the differential which I rebuilt with new Ford Racing gears and bearings and a Torsen T2 differential. The noise I'm getting is rotational growling/clunking...
  6. F

    GT350 Differential Fluid Change How To Video

    I scoured the internet and the forums and was unable to find a how to video on changing the diff fluid so...I made my own video. If you want to see the tools and fluid required to do the job skip to the last few minutes of the video. Please subscribe to our channel and like the videos. Any...
  7. G

    What's the best fluid for the tremec tranny and rear differential?

    Just checking to see if anyone has any recommendations as far as these maintenance items go. I bought my 2011 GT500 six months ago and it is almost 100% factory stock except has an aftermarket shifter or shift lever (not sure which because I haven't looked under the boot). The transmission never...
  8. C

    Billetflow rear diff. brace

    Billetflow differential brace (red). Includes all hardware. Fits 1999-2004 I.R.S. COBRAs. $120.00 shipped I prefer paypal
  9. J

    WTS Ford Racing Differential Cover **NIB**

    FOR SALE: BRAND NEW IN BOX Ford Racing Differential Cover , Part # M-4033-G2 Bought but never installed. Price: $145 shipped SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD PM or Post in the thread with any questions, and I will gladly answer them ASAP. PAYPAL preferred Only ship to the 48 continental...
  10. 0

    Rebuilding Diff - average mechanical skills

    Due to "clunk" in in the diff, I took it out and opened it up to measure the backlash. Result: 0,016 to 0,018 - too much (Ford recommends 0,008 to 0,012). I'm not quite sure what to do now: 1. Shim the crown so the backlash will be whithin spec. Leave the pinion alone. -or- 2. Take out the...
  11. Beercules


    I got tired of spending money trying to quiet/strengthen/rebuild the 8.8 axle and was looking into upgrading to a 9" and found some information about the trutrac. http://www.pro-touring.com/threads/91026-9-Inch-wavetrac-truetrac-nodual-alloy-which-one!!! Post #6. Maybe just for track...
  12. DieHardChief

    Cobra Rear End repair advice

    Hey guys, looking for advice... I have a leak coming from the rear end of my 01 Cobra, I dont have the resources to get it up and take a peek to see where its coming from...my best guess is pinion seal is leaking or diff cover gasket is leaking.... I set up an appt with Jaws Gear & Axle in...
  13. Conrad B

    Importance of "Breaking in" new Gears?

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum, and didn't see anything on this, so I have a question... I just put 3.73s in my car, and I know that you're supposed to have a break in period of 500 miles. I've been doing some reading up on this (mostly on truck forums) and they say to keep the trips...
  14. Jak110sfd

    IRS Differential / Pumkin Identification

    Can someone tell me what the cast iron looking block is for mounted to the bottom of the differential? I have a leak at the pinion seal and am going to fix it but was wondering what this is for and can it be removed. :shrug:
  15. 0

    Any Ford mechanics or someone with proper tools for rear end rebuild?

    Hey all, i was just wondering if anyone on the forum rebuilds cobra differentials if the entire diff is sent to them, or knows of a good place in the CENTEX area that does it well and correctly with the proper tools. I think i would rather do full rebuild and have the warm fuzzy about it then...
  16. J

    For Sale: Strange 33-Spline Spool for 8.8

  17. Chongoculo

    f/s 3.90 gears, ring and pinion for 8.8

    Had 3.90s replaced because my Terminator has toooo much power for them on a street car! Lightly used. Comments from "Performance Gearing" here in Cali were 'the gears are breaking in nicely and were making full contact (perfect alignment). Interested, best to text or email to...
  18. supman

    IRS gear carrier bolts backed out.

    Hi, new to the site and am amazed at the sheer volume of info available. Thanks to all. Well here goes my problem and am hoping someone may have seen or heard of this before. Bought a used clean 2003 Cobra. Drove it for about 1000 miles. One day as i'm coming to a slow left into my street, i...
  19. StacyStangz

    Fore Precision Works Announces Last Chance To Buy Differential Cover

    Differential Cover Blow Out Sale! Solid Rear and IRS differential covers are being discontinued! IRS Differential Cover Retail $499 SRA Differential Cover Retail $399 Take advantage of this special offer before it is too late.Supply is limited--hurry before they are gone FOREVER! When...
  20. StacyStangz

    Fore Precision Works Announces Last Chance To Buy Differential Cover

    Just Brag About It! BRAGGING RIGHTS WANTED!!!! Fore Precision asks: Who’s Got the Radical HP Builds using Our Products? We want to know who’s got the most radical build in this community with the help of Fore Precision. The two winning braggers of SVTP will receive a $100 Gift...
  21. StacyStangz

    Fore Precision Works FULL BILLET Structural Differential Cover

    Fore Precision Works FULL BILLET Structural Differential Cover for the Solid Rear Axle for your S197 (8.8)! The most robust design on the market! Starts off at 43lbs of aluminum and Fore Precision Works shaves it down to 10.2 lbs of solid billet aluminum!!!! Engineered, high rigidity...
  22. StacyStangz

    Fore Precision Works IRS Differential Cover Update

    Fore Precision Works full billet IRS Differential Cover is well on its way to production! Fore is making sure to accommodate many 8.8 IRS applications including multiple versions from Ford. The Fore IRS differential cover replaces the factory cast aluminum cover with integrated features for...
  23. gilby959798

    i coulda killed somebody

    so i have a 98 cobra with a 4.30 rear gear and its great to drive but one day at the end of the summer i was having some fun and clunk clunk clunk in my rear end...yeah i was pissed :fm: nursed it home (only like 2 miles away) and let it set cause i was pissed. came back to it acouple of days...