1. 9

    FS: **Brand New** VMP 137 Monoblade Throttle Body

    I am selling a brand new VMP 137 monoblade throttle body. The TB has been never installed as I was acquiring parts in the late summer and early fall for my build. Those build plans have changed significantly, so now I am selling brand new parts. Works with 2015 - 2017 Mustang and F-150 (5.0L)...
  2. svtbryan

    Will I be fine with a BAP and pump gas?

    I have a 2012 GT500 with trinity tvs and stock upper/lower. Recently purchased a IW 15% lower/ whipple monoblade/ and JLT127mm. Will be getting long tubes next. Car currently has 13/14 injectors and stock fuel pumps, but I also acquired a VMP BAP. Will I be safe running California 91 (Shell) as...
  3. F

    Whipple 2.9L front feed monoblade issues?

    Just had the whipple 2.9 front feed with the 132mm elliptical TB on my 14 GT.... did anyone have tuning issues with this TB? What issues, and how were those issues addressed? TIA
  4. Subzero

    Whipple Monoblade Throttle Body

    Whipple Monoblade Throttle Body. Black anodized. $325 shipped! :beer: Or will TRADE my TB + Cash for your L&M 72MM.