need help asap

  1. RazoSvt

    WANTED: 2001 Cobra Cams.

    In search of 2001 cobra intake cams needed for my engine rebuild. Parts are obsolete from dealers and hoping someone out there can sell me theirs, used or new. Part numbers are YF3Z6250CA & YF3Z6250BA. Please, if someone knows anyone who might have some laying around send them to me.
  2. 99'WhiteCobra

    99 cobra problem need help asap... anyone???

    first off: 99 cobra vortech v2 at 10lbs 72k miles 91 chevron gas i cruise the car at 2k rpms on the street shift at 3k rpms Info: I had the car sitting in the garage for about year, turn on twice week. This past week decide to take the car out finally. Did a tune up on it oil(10-30 castro...