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    SOLD: Pristine 2021 Shelby GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Pack For Sale

    Update: Sold. Thanks everyone. Hello and thanks for stopping to take a look. 2021 Performance Blue Shelby GT500 Carbon Track Pack for sale. Car is fully loaded, dream spec, fully protected. Features: Original owner, purchased from Ford Carbon Track Pack (exposed carbon fiber wing, exposed...
  2. 1

    '88 5.0 LX convertible RARE special metal cowl hood BLACK w/white stripes

    Ford Mustang LX convertible 5.0 It's summertime! Electric convertible top, enjoy the sun! Head turning car, numerous comments on paint and that deep muscle car sound. I have a red 1993 one identical to it, not convertible. Won 3rd place in car show. Making room in garage. RARE metal...
  3. EditorTurner

    Top 5 Ford GT Application Videos

    Moving Pictures Ford GT applications are closed, but we picked some of our favorite video submissions By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Anyone that’s been paying attention knows that Ford closed its one-month window for accepting Ford GT applications. That’s correct...
  4. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Applications Update

    Open & Shut Over 6,500 people applied to own one of the new Ford GT supercars By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company A month ago Ford launched its online configurator for the forthcoming Ford GT supercar. During the one-month window that applications were open, over 200,000...
  5. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Website Stats

    Virtual Reality Thousands applied to buy the Ford GT and the online configurator is a hit By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company Unless you were off the grid last week, you know that Ford started taking applications for potential buyers of the 2017 Ford GT production car. While...
  6. EditorTurner

    Ford GT Applications

    Start Your Orders Potential buyers can finally submit applications to purchase a Ford GT By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company If you are in the market for the next-gen Ford GT, today is your day. Ford will begin accepting applications for the first two model years of...
  7. matt5058

    Saleen Stripes

    Anyone have Saleen stripes on their S197? I found this example, which I love, and I'd love to do something similar to my black Stang. Just trying to figure out if this is vinyl or what, and the best way to put these on so they don't look tacky. Anyone who has these, please chime in, and share...
  8. M

    Pic Request SN95 Black w/ Red Racing Stripes

    I did some googling, and some forum searching and can't find an SN95 Cobra black with red racing stripes. Would prefer on stock hood. Anyone have pics?